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Tiens Tusi Harmonizing

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Tusi - Harmonising device


  • It can help to stabilize blood circulation balance
  • You can prevent the onset of cardiovascular problems
  • relieve symptoms caused by blood circulatory problems
  • It can help prevent hair loss





3 FUNCTION 3 Mechanism of Action

  1. The microcomputer chip Tiens multifunction device is capable of balancing, set electric potential around the head of a normal state, thereby contributing to the normalization of blood pressure.
  2. Using the laser can improve the body's circulation, and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  3. The vibrating massage function provides a pleasant feeling of comfort while normalizing the electrical potential of the head, the brain reduces fatigue and improves memory.  

Laser stimulation

Tiens Tusi multifunction device uses a low-intensity laser (650 nm wavelength and a 5 milliwatt power), which can result in a wide range of biological effects.

The soft laser causes a chemical reaction in the body's cells, thereby contributing to the optimization of the operation of the natural defense system. The prevention of hair loss and baldness.

The use of low-intensity laser radiation to the scalp can greatly improve the capillaries and regeneration capacity of collagen fibers and hairs and follicles metabolism, thereby tackling hair loss.

Health massage

In traditional Chinese medicine, according to the meridians and acupoints on the akadálytalanítani collateral channels can be found massaging the head. "Combing" of the device may alleviate the excessive burden caused by brain fatigue, dizziness, brain fatigue, improve memory, support for intellectual activities and relieve unpleasant symptoms of muscle strain.

The balance bioelectricity

The positive influence of Tiens Tusi multifunction device works by using bioelectricity. When you're healthy, the bioelectric parameters remain normal. But when people get sick, the bioelectric parameters are changed. The device adjusts the change in electric potential safely, quickly and easily recover.  


High or low blood pressure? Fed up with the pains?  

He knows that without drugs to treat blood pressure and other health disorders successfully?

The WHO (World Health Organization) says: deaths due to side effects of the drugs were the fourth place. But they were in 10th place a few years ago.
The healthy-minded people do not want to become dependent on drugs, so look for alternative solutions. Today, it is important for everyone to take care of their own health.

His health is in their own hands!Have you had these symptoms?


  •   High or low blood pressure
  •   Headaches and nausea
  •   Rapid heartbeat, breathing choking
  •   Varicose a lot of angle or seat
  •   Strong hair loss
  •   Obesity
  •   Fatigue, poor vision
  •   Aching pain in the spine, strong back pain
  •   Memory impairment,  
  •   Pimpled skin

There is such a quick and convenient method for improvement, without the harmful side effects?

Tiens company developed the widely became popular "TUSI" acupuncture massage device and has launched its new product the "Isoukan" acupuncture, soft laser, massage, harmonizing the energy machine.
regulating and harmonizing energy Isoukan- blood pressure device is not only based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of health care, but also includes the latest technological achievements. The device is unique in the world Isoukan. "Isoukan" device could help solve many health problems.

This is a "three-in-one" device:

  • 1 magnet therapy,
  • 2, vibration, and
  • 3, soft low-frequency laser device.

Blood flow balancing

Using the dressing function normalized electric potential of the healthy cells. The circuit is placed in a special unit of the human body circuit causes increasing negative charge, thereby rapidly returns to its closed-electric potential in a healthy state. Tiens Tusi multifunction device is not only the blood flow balances, but also barrier-removing the meridians and harmonize the yin-yang balance, thus contributing to the well-being to maintain.  


Blood flow balancing bioelectric balance of the cells maintain Improving the hairs and follicles metabolism The hair regeneration promoting the prevention of hair loss reduce the symptoms of fatigue Laser stimulation of different biological effects Improving the capillaries and regeneration ability of collagen fibers


How it Works?

First, let us reflect on what is the difference between Eastern and Western medicine?

The Chinese traditional medicine is the main emphasis on prevention. In this regard, the Chinese say that:

"Strange people of the Western mentality, beginning three days before his death, heal themselves, they try to prevent it 3 years before the onset of the problem."

The cure exists with regard to the East dozens of cure.

As we know, in the West three types of therapy are used in most of the chemical-based drugs, the surgeon's knife and radiation.

Traditional Chinese medicine - based on ancient knowledge, knowledge of the human body's energy - which is 5,000 years old. The Eastern medicine teaches that when the human body breaks down the energy balance, leading to diseases.

In the West they have not dealt with seriously, although it may be no accident that many Western medical schools have introduced specializations in the Eastern therapies.

While Western medicine is just beginning to study the energy of the human body and its interactions, the East has applied this knowledge to the prevention and healing for 5,000 years. It is important that ordinary people can learn how to provide for their health and understand how negative factors influence our health.

Thanks to the work of energy circulation in the body. for some reason the energy blocks are created, they lead blood stagnant.


How do you make energy circulate in the body without hindrance?

It's like when stream flows smoothly, clean water, oxygen rich.

Can you imagine what will be a stream of water when the source dries up? Sooner or later, it will be the clear water pond of stagnant water. The same processes are taking place in the human body.

Where congestion is, they begin to proliferate the bacteria, stagnant energy.

The energy of life itself.

Western medicine has also accepted the fact that through the energy channels in the human body for various types of energy circulate. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is called yang and yin energy, ie hot and cold energy. A healthy body these energies smoothly circulate throughout the body, one body to another, and are balanced.It is known also that every living organism has a bioenergy voltage. Each cell is BIOART, and each cell in the body has a positive and negative charge. The outside of the cell membrane is positive, the internal surface is negatively charged.Where the cell is a normal condition, the electrons occur in the same proportion to the external and internal surfaces.

When the cells have a problem occurs, a change in the ratio of electrons and charging of the cell is upset correct BIOART. This disorder occurs as a consequence of the changes, and consequently disorder will be in the tissues and organs.

The BIOART balance in the body is an important prerequisite to physical and mental health. If, however, our body breaks down the balance BIOART if the flow is obstructed, you'll see signs of the disease, and the diseases themselves.


BIOART simple methods of maintaining balance.

1. Barefoot walking. We try to get less wear rubber-soled shoes, or a pair of shoes, which is very well insulated, so as not to interfere with the body and the ground contact. The Chinese health care practice is a principle which I refer to as "Chi", that the earth energy relations.

2. Frequent water treatment: water conducts electricity. When you are under stress, mental tension, anxiety, or dead, hot bath should be taken (but at least you need to wash your face or put his head under the shower) and thereby completely eliminate the tension and negative symptoms.

3. Use the physiotherapy unit, which controls the bioáramot. The modern, science-based medical devices with the technology BIOART control function as well. effective means of "Isoukan" BIOART regulating device, the most effective way to preserve health.

The Isoukan / Tusi laser device features

  • Multifunctional: a machine can be found in the circulation balancing function, regulating metabolic functions, management of lappangásos status, etc.
  • Control System, the intelligent micro circuit based on SCM, because the device will be activated on contact with the skin.
  • Low-frequency laser beam of 650 nanometers wavelength improves the micro-circulation, purifies the blood and regulating the body's immune system. The effective wavelength of the laser beam, actively stimulates acupuncture points.
  • Small size, light weight, quick effect for many years functional, completely safe.


Principles of the regulation of arterial blood pressure.

In applying the device to a metal ring in contact with the human body, giving it access to:

  • The first blood vessel spasm soluble flexible wall, improved blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, arterial blood pressure decreases rapidly.
  • The blood vessels formed clots dissolve blood vessel channels unclogged, the development of atherosclerosis is preventable.
  • Blood purification, reducing the density of the blood, blood vessel elasticity restoration.

Laser Therapy maintain health  , A few words about the laser:

The laser is an invention that has been discovered in the sixties, this XX. One of the four main inventions of the century.

1970 from the laser began to be used to cure illnesses such as high blood pressure.
1973 Austria first experimented with, to replace tűterápiát laser therapy.
1975 is used in the first laser needle therapy.
In 1980, Russia, the laser system as a basic prevention method was applied to the astronaut diseases that may develop in space.
In 1991, China was first applied to the low-intensity semiconductor laser therapy apparatus if the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular (cerebrovascular) disease.
In recent years, the field of medicine have begun to apply the laser therapy in the fields of health and healing and rejuvenating procedures as approved for laser treatments dealing with associations in every country of the world.

The low-intensity laser therapy in the XXI. century called "green therapy".
This semiconductor laser has a power of not more than 5 mW, the wavelength of 620-650 nanometers is reached that provides high-throughput, but - what is very important - do not harm the body.
Modern medical practice shows that the laser beam is 632 to 650 nanometers wavelength to reduce lipid levels, blood density, blood sugar, increase the level of elektrociták and oxygen saturation, increase circulation, micro-circulation, improves the body's defense mechanism, controls the all the physiological functions of the organization.
The combination of laser and vibromasszázs increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

The low-frequency laser beam - a beam that when applying the tissues of the body induces responses, thereby amplifies or slow down the function of each organ, as a result, achieve the desired effect.
The low-frequency laser beam has beneficial effects on the autonomic nervous system function, improve blood circulation in the cerebral cortex, the whole body, eliminating the lack of oxygen in the cells and improves the quality of sleep.
The low-frequency laser light is environmentally friendly, rejuvenating effect

Vibro massage:

The "Isoukan" vibro massage machine for reasons of convenience features two varieties has a continuous and intermittent vibration.
The vibro massage is primarily used against various aches and pains. The head of the intermittent vibration massage is recommended, the body massage and continuous vibration.


The effectiveness of vibro massage:

1. Clean the "czinlo" energy channels,
2. Chi is the normalization of blood,
3 soothing and analgesic effect,
4. To improve blood circulation,
5. eliminate fatigue,
6. regulate the body's functions.

How to use Isoukant / Tusi?

Drink a glass of clean water before use. The device is in contact with the body through the skin, not over clothing.

1. A two-hand massage
Each finger of one hand firmly grasp the device is a metal ring (not plastic but metal ring because the BIOART start work only through the metal ring). On the other hand, the end of the sleeves, loose grasp the inner metal teeth and keep them for 3-5 minutes. This brings the energy balance of the whole body.

2. Head massage, hair combing
We have picked up one of the metal ring (not plastic, but the metal ring). Comb the head so that the center (in Chinese this line "Cszsen Cszsunnak" call), whether a start from front, continue across the scalp, neck portion, twenty times. Then repeat on the left side is twenty times, twenty times on the right side of the head. . (Note: the device will be massaging of the scalp should reach) Continue massaging the area behind the ears, which have not yet combed.
If this continues daily massage five 2 x 3 minutes to normalize the blood pressure, whether it is high or low blood pressure. Greatly reduced or eliminated the headaches, dizziness. These massages are very useful example for students with high mental effort.
For moderate hair loss and premature graying - according to experience - the loss is significantly reduced five days. For prolonged use, the gray hair begins to grow dark, fear.
Those who sit a lot in front of the computer, or frequently use a mobile phone to be used, because it refreshes and fatigue disappears.

3. The wrist acupuncture points massage
We take the one hand  metal ring reason, the teeth and place the wrist, the Nei Guany acupuncture points. Keep your wrist so tightly for 3 minutes, and then at the same point on the other hand also for 3 minutes. The device regulates the arterial blood pressure.

4. Heart Around massage
We take the one hand metal ring detained, placed in the teeth of arround heart, keep it there for 3-5 minutes. For those suggested, who in addition to high blood pressure, there are symptoms such as palpitations, chest puncture and coronary heart disease. 5 minutes massage reduces the load on the heart, and blood pressure.
Attention! It should not be applied not only to patients who peacemakere is because the unit magnetic therapeutic effect.
The most effective use of cardiac massage before going to bed 15-20 minutes.
If you want someone shall massage your back with your machine, ask them to hold your hand and the other hand to avoid breaking the chain of bio flow.

5. It helps to obesity.
Apply to massage the problem areas vibro massage combination with the front body fat as a result of excess fat removed. For example, if many of the deposits in the abdominal landscape, the "Isoukant" to be used as follows:
from the navel to the abdomen is massaged in a circular motion, counterclockwise direction until the burning sensation is felt.

6. rejuvenating effect:
Using the face, massaging from the bottom up, strengthens the epidermis of the skin.

7. become healthier with the device.
a. Vasoconstriction case of first massage the leg from the knee down to the foot, back and top to bottom, compass or strokes. Special attention will be paid to the calves.
b. swollen legs: massage from the bottom up in slow motion with the machine.Antispasmodics in resolving any cramps.

The device is placed in the problematic area, it releases the spasm if the seizure is very strong, used a vibro massage o'clock charge.




Use of the device is not suitable for electro-medical implant users (pl.pacemaker); pregnant women; those with renal impairment or mental disorder; Allergy-free material for the device. Tiens Crew - harmonizing the use of modern apparatus and biological treatments of traditional Chinese medicine meridians natural therapy is based. The bioelectricity in terms of the human body electric driver is considered the bioelectric processes therefore play a key role in people's lives. When you're healthy, the bioelectric parameters remain normal. But when people get sick, the bioelectric parameters are changed.  


High blood pressure experience

 In my experience a week of  "tested" the TUSI. I used to treat spine and knee pain. First of all, when I made the painful parts, it intensified the pain, so I just called there for a few minutes. Each time, several times a day I tend to deal with. The third day pain relief immediately after I put my knee or my waist. From now on not only quick, it was immediate pain relief, but also long-term / 5-6 hours completely painless /. I have a positive experience with it. I recommend to everyone!
István Fodor Erika.


Regarding the new Tusi (isoukan) I have the following experience: a shorter operating time I reach the same blood pressure lowering effect of acupuncture important point of passage in the lower third of the forearm using. The veins much broader, and my blood pressure within the normal range instead of 150-180. One old problem of thrombosis tendency on platelet adhesion, which was on the right lower limb deep venous thrombosis. The left wrist and leg artery blood vessels soft laser irradiation handle this problem successfully. microscopically visible right distance between the location of platelets, which is due to the effect of the soft laser. But also a noticeable difference and are less prone to the injured my leg varicose veins ignition of the laser treatment. I recommend the Isoukant of pain.
Michael Fabók.Debrecen


   Katalin Kovacs. Budapest
1. Strongly I hit my elbow. Surely he could have and would have been stained blue, as in other shock than I used to be swollen. It occurred to me that if you Isoukan a good unit ... A sore elbow, I strongly typed. After a few minutes the pain. kept on approx. 15 min. The blow place healed without a trace. The pain will no longer come out.
2. Sometimes it hurts my waist Around the sacrum. Then I'm going to Tusi Isoukant and a sore point. A couple of minutes terminated in pain.
3. In some cases, I get excited, and then I felt my heart Around smarting. Heart tájékomat stroking the Crew and as a result of the pain goes away.
4. If my blood pressure goes up a bit, which sometimes happens, a few minutes on the left and right wrists to consider and settle the vérnyomásomat.
5 TUSI device. Tibi grandson was 5 years old when she fell on a sharp-edged table. Hit the belly, slightly bruised her skin. It hurt her because she wept bitterly. It happened this weekend, the holiday house, I could not go with her doctor. I laid on the bed and handed the Crew. "This device is saving Tiens!" - I said. smiled and got up a few minutes later, the pain completely disappeared.
That was it for fun, to see if we were in Tiens members, regularly recounted the experience. On one occasion, Debrecen--- Tiens Seminar.


Irene Bíróné
In my experience, the Tusi -isoukannal:
1 / Since I use Tusi, without the headache goes away to some kind of pain medication should be taken with food. During the treatment, the pain has been noticeably up and disappears within 10-15 minutes.
2 / What is even more profit for me to get around. 1 month ago I use to Tusi, it was during this period of time is when the headache was associated with a 150-inch high blood pressure. The spiky completed the treatment that I went on a 30 minutes and then came as a surprise because 120 dropped my blood pressure without taking any antihypertensive tablets had been included.
Every day usually in the morning - evening I use a TUSI, but at night every day. I am very pleased that introduced me to this health care option, because if you had only one eye medicine should be consumed less been worth it.    Thanks ,Bíróné Irene Debrecen


  Lipták Jánosné
I suffered a trauma, and physically broke down completely! I could not sleep because of the nerves, hair began to fall, low my blood pressure went up to 180, the coronary veins during two 90%, with a 75% completion narrowed half a year!
The doctors were able to do so much that I got a lot of medicine and expanding net! They told that as long as I live should not take them !!
I was never taking medicine and so I was desperate! The Jani gave my son a small device (it was this is the TUSI )
I started combing method use 3X10 Las miracles every day! I was able to sleep all night after almost three days, I was thrilled this is, let alone why after two weeks when the hair loss I also began to decline. my blood pressure has become better and better, especially when I started to treat myself well above the wrist!
I went to the semi-annual check ups which stress the heart and to my surprise I have improved my results! Papp has started taking the advice of Gulnara plus complementary products, anti-lipid tea Cordyceps, chitosant and calcium too!
Next six years was nearly perfect for the results!
After a year, no problem was gone! I stopped on my own responsibility medicines and I'll get has not only the products Tiens! I was still checking my health has not deteriorated and not in the least!
These are my medical paper, non-fictional story !!!
Thanks to my son and to live without drugs Tiens!   Liptak Jánosné ,Békéscsaba


Varga Éva.   In my experience, the shock is from blue spots (often bumping into the corner of the table) and flushed parts can heal faster when they are treated with the laser-Tusi. definitely a good feeling when the cord around the massage function can be turned counterclockwise massaged a few minutes. It improves the metabolism (experiencing morning) and when used regularly will be more beautiful your skin. The latter also applies to the thigh. Inner thighs and bottom-up circular massaging.  Use regularly, occasionally for 3-4 minutes.  Debrecen


My father was a 88-year-old struggled with many problems and I wanted to help him as much as possible to the remaining years of not suffer so much.
Many have taken Tiens product, which certainly helped him a lot. Fruktosant, Cordy, children chitosant calcium, a lipid tea. But since they were very sore knees and everything, I decided to buy another Tusi also see if that will contribute to even better to be able to move better!
Well I managed! The knees were used for the first time and worked very well! However, what it was even more shocking when I spent my father became ill and lost consciousness right there! My mother immediately called the ambulance! 
I instantly got the TUSI and started at the back of the neck veins up and down to stroke it! Within minutes, she came to my father! When I told the paramedics could not believe their eyes! Sometimes even the same sick or twice and I had to manage this discomfort very well!
But unfortunately my father passed away two months ago, but at least did not suffer so much!
Thanks for the Tiens products !! 
Szula Edit  Békéscsaba


Today, my daughter Zoe Kitti
Today (8 years) Kitti Zoé life of my daughter when the first tooth filling was in the hands of the Crew! Constantly praised Aunt Doctor, how good and safe to bear the treatment!
In the autumn, nasal congestion lift the TUSI, so that the right and left side can be placed in the same amount of time our nose. In this case, I have experienced the benefits of


All night the baby and I both bone is repositioned on my hands, so I fall asleep, wake up well-rested in the morning.
Slice after inducing foods in my tummy tapping the haspuffadásom eliminated in a short time.
Occasionally old cramps up, eliminate joint pain, every pain to use.
 Erzsike  Katona 
Tiens 6 * Tiens  Consultant


    k, 12/03/2013 - 10:39 - Joseph Vass
The children are also very
The children are also very good. at the time when their ears and lamented a great service by teething, it was able to reduce the pain in minutes. Of course, not every type of pain is good, but I also soothed my headache, you just have to drink enough water!


Even recently I use, but
Even recently I use, but I can feel the beneficial effects! Not only is the blood pressure problems, but also the joints, iso pain, spastic izomgörcsökre .... think of the neck - waist pain ... ... .... Paralysis postoperative rehabilitation ...! In addition to the mobility problems highlight that regular combing, not just the hair loss will help, but active, energetic is doing !! Sometimes the problem is that there is little time ... where we do :)) I can only recommend to everyone !!!
Wed, 02/06/2013 - 12:22 -Takács Lászlóné


     h, 01/21/2013 - 20:16 — Hornyák Tamás
We also use regularly
We can also use regular medication and couples 50 euro forgotten


  h, 01/21/2013 - 17:22 —Kovácsné Borbála
I have several of my friends,

I have several of my friends who use very good results in high blood pressure and increased heart rate mitigation. A good idea to trust the TUSI.

I have been using this has been using this device for high blood pressure, tested me, I will continue to use
Mon, 21/01/2013 - 16:37 -Adam istvanne aliz

By evening had my eyes is it difficult to remain open past this time I took a good strong Algoflex make her comfortable sick and twisted and fell asleep.
 Now I took a recently purchased Tusi and where my forehead where the two temples and flips placed handled myself after a good ten minutes, only a blunt pressure I felt my head and then the past is a very useful little device that I'm glad I bought it !!!
B Beatrix

Cleaning, maintenance

- The set of metal teeth cleaned with an alcohol swab - must not be cleaned with water!
- Always use a properly charged, undamaged items.


Patents and licenses

1. The device has a unique patented 4 and 2 licensed.
2. RoHS certificate of compliance certifies that the device material and the manufacturing process complies with RoHS standards and international environmental standards.
3. European Certificate of Conformity (CE): CE marking, which wears the device, indicating that conforms to European Union health and safety standards, and environmental and consumer protection standards.

The Isoukan / TUSI has the highest standards levels of domestic and community certificates.




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