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“Interaction of 6-Network Systems” theory

Linking the 6 key international network systems as “Human Resource network”, “Education network”, “Logistics network”, “Travel network”, “Capital Management network” and “the Internet” is key to the survival and adaptation of the Tiens Group to the ever-changing business environment. While each individual network have their own unique characteristics and disciplines, their interaction, inter-dependence and flexibility in response to the evolution of market dynamics enables the Tiens Group to enter global markets and thereafter be able to react swiftly to meet local needs while focusing on sales and business development. 
Continuous innovations, striving for perfection, sharing, complementing and optimizing resources and globalizing improvements in the Tiens Group and the direct selling industry at large are hallmarks that make the Tiens Group the market leader that other companies envy and emulate.

 “The Replacement with Alternatives” theory

The Replacement theory is a guide for executives to accelerate progress combining varied resources to realize strategic advantages that drives business efficiencies. With Human Resource development and application forming the basic framework for the Tiens Group, this structure makes use of the ‘Brand Effect’ to realize transformations across departments, products, regions, markets and countries. In the process of such complementary and systemic evolution, enterprise resources and advancements are integrated, corporate competitiveness is enhanced and massive profitable growth is realized across all business sectors. The primary focus is on innovation of operations and the reintegration of resources and elements.

“Wealth Creation through Consumption” theory

It has been long acknowledge that "Consumption creates Wealth, Consumption Management creates Greater Wealth"; this has been a major theoretical achievement for the Tiens Group in the direct selling arena. The Tiens Group's primary business is in direct selling; thus, its marketing model must necessarily be different from the traditional marketing models as it bypasses costly and cumbersome logistics by offering consumers direct access to purchase and enjoy top quality Tiens products and services; the consumer can therefore have savings benefits for such products and services. In other words, since savings would be akin to incremental wealth creation, distributors who decide to market such products and services as a business enterprise could potentially be creating immense wealth and thus enjoy even greater benefits and incentives.
The Tiens Group has successfully merged the “Replacement theory” with the “Interaction of 6-networks”, “Wealth Creation through Consumption” model and the “Unity of 3-networks” to form strong and centralized Corporate Management benchmarks for business operations and development. Utilizing Travel Forums, Education and Trainings, International Trade and Information Exchange and through integrating global customer and partner resources as well as attracting and redeploying social resources, the Tiens Group has thus created a very strong impetus to grow consumer sales across various industries, regions and countries while upgrading the individual’s and sales teams' competitiveness.
By partnering with the Tiens Group in developing globalization at an even faster pace, Tiens distributors can quickly upgrade and achieve their dreams of leading an extraordinary lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones



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