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Brand Value

"Hand in hand, each of TIENS citizens is an indispensable part of TIENS brand."
"Side by side, each of TIENS citizens accounts for the greatness of TIENS brand."

Mr.Li Jinyuan, Chairman of Tiens Group
The tri-leaf pattern, like an unfolded world map, is a reflection of TIENS' strategy of "internationalized" development. Therein, leaves represent the product image featuring "naturalness and health"; the yellow colou
r of the design symbolizes "sunshine" and "wealth" and the green colour gives off natural breath of "green earth".
Three man-shaped patterns, interconnected with each other hand in hand, run across the leaf-shaped pattern in a natural, smooth and extending manner, displaying the concept that TIENS is human-oriented and global TIENS citizens are closely connected.

The whole pattern implies the growing trend of TIENS brand.

The new design is developed on the basis of original colour and meanwhile inherits the core asset of TIENS brand, namely, "TIENS". The whole symbol gives a full representation to the brand's core — "One World One Family", the core values characterized by "Extraordinary Innovation", "Paramount Responsibility" and "Ex

cellent Teamwork" as well as the long-term brand strategy with "Harmony, Unity, Prosperity" as its slogan. With the new design as its new starting point, TIENS will embark on a new journey in building an international brand.

In June, 2010, the World Brand Lab (WBL), the world-renowned brand value assessment organization, promulgated the ranking of 2010 "Top 500 Most Valuable Brands of China". With the brand value of RMB 11.058 billion, Tiens Group was ranked No. 71 of all, No. 1 of health care products and No. 1 of Tianjin.


Be Healthy and Beautiful, Always

Tai ji Sun Hospital International Health Management Center is a world-class health management institution in China. Equipped with the latest, most advanced facilities and technology, Tai Ji Sun IHMC is constantly striving to improve its service standards to provide the best available healthcare to the masses.


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