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Tiens Massage belt microcomputer massage, body shaping machine

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Massage belt microcomputer, body shaping


  • Low back pain
  • Chill
  • Losing weight
  • Diet
  • Earache
  • Fat Burning

Improper diet, stress or lack of exercise cause us to easily gain extra weight that, however, is increasingly difficult to loose. In the fight against extra kilograms not only a change of lifestyle can prove helpful, but also supplements and appropriate equipment. One of the pieces of equipment offered by TIENS is the Slimming belt.


What makes this massage belt?

  • 5 powerful massage motor in it
  • 4 super strong magnet is installed
  • complete with heating fibers.
  • It can operate in 8 different vibration modes.
  • 8 used in different parts of the body.
  • 9 pre-programmed operating time.
  • Car Gift Set (cigarette lighter can be used while driving!)


Nowadays, overweight and obesity are not only an aesthetic problem. Extra kilograms put you at risk for many diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems, or diabetes, as well as straining joints, the spine or promoting varicose vein formation. Very often they are also the cause of a low self-esteem, which affects the mental condition of a person struggling with this problem. Meanwhile, studies have shown that since the 80s the number of obese people in Europe has tripled.

TIENS has created a belt that helps to control weight and may help in losing extra kilos. The TIENS Slimming Belt is simultaneously a massage belt so it can be used for massaging different parts of the body for relaxation purposes. Its design allows wrapping it around the waist, hips, arms, thighs and neck, and it can be utilised even during simple daily activities at home, while travelling or at work.


TIENS Slimming Belt comes in two sizes. After applying the belt to the desired part of the body, use a microcomputer to select the appropriate mode. The belt operation is a four-way process

1. Magnetic:

The device generates a magnetic field affecting all the systems and functions of the body. The magnetic field, generated by 4 very powerful magnets around the selected part of body affects its cells – with even no direct contact. This determines the device’s efficiency in controlling weight, since it acts on fat tissue by penetrating deep inside. Owing to the magnetic field, it accelerates blood circulation in the body, which improves digestion, cellular nutrition, microcirculation in the capillaries and tissue regeneration.


Five motors placed in the belt, slims the at tissue, shaping the figure. Depending on individual needs, select one of eight modes (cyclic, intermittent, point pressure, vibration, percussive, modelling, local touch, all modes alternately). The magnets installed in the belt, enclose the body in magnetic field, and place it under the favourable influence of "magnetic vibration".

3. Massage:

The massaging vibrations of adjustable intensity, help reduce the fat tissue and relax tight muscles. This action provides a relaxing effect while using the belt.


The working device generates heat that facilitates the expansion of blood vessels. This in turn has a positive effect on muscle oxygenation. May also provide a relaxing effect and help relieve pain. It also positively affects the metabolism.

TIENS Slimming Belt:

  • helps regulate weight,
  • positively effects the appearance of the body, firms the skin,
  • helps reduce the visibility of cellulite,
  • relieves symptoms from the spine, neck, shoulders (pain, stiffness),
  • has a positive impact on muscle relaxation,
  • provides a relaxing effect


The slimming belt can be used 1 to 2 times a day for about 30 minutes. The slimming belt should be used at least 2 hours after a meal. After use, increase fluid intake.


The belt is not recommended during pregnancy, menstruation, cardiac disease, kidney disease or cancer. In the case of spine conditions the use of the belt should be consulted with a doctor. Also, the belt is not be used after surgery (medical consultation required).



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