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Tiens Lipid Metabolic Tea

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Lipid Metabolic Tiens Tea

It indicated for the prevention and alleviation of diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis. Tones, improve digestion, beneficial for any poisoning. Antipyretic, improves sleep, liver and spleen, activates fat breakdown, improves vision

The main components:

  • six types of green tea
  • kinosztemma five-leaf leaves, which are applied by spraying fraction of green tea
  • lotus leaf
  • cassium thorum core (senna-wife)
  • multicolored flowered knotweed
  • water Bridgeguard
  • tangerine peel


  • The green tea is normalized due to the functioning of the central nervous system; It eliminates hangovers.
  • The green tea antioxidant, antipyretic effect on hűléseknél.
  • Excellent cleans the blood vessels, improves vision, self-destruct program in cancerous cells, because it contains teopolifenolt (see ICANN).
  • The five-leaf kinosztemma contains 84 kinds of saponins.
  • These high-level radioactive materials adaptogenic properties, helping the body to get used to the changes caused by stress.
  • Stronger than the Far Eastern ginseng, which contains 34 kinds of saponins.
  • The kinosztemma promotes serum cholesterol departure, improve fat metabolism.

The lotus leaf is beneficial for skin metabolism, refreshes and cleanses the skin. It reduces lipid levels in the blood, fever, cleans a variety of toxins from the body, raises the tone, gives energy, regulate the amount of fluid in the body, anti-inflammatory, it facilitates breathing and reduces blood pressure.

The cassium thorum core improves digestion, clears the stool, stimulating bowel movements.
Detoxifies cholagogue activity, a beneficial effect on the functioning of the liver and spleen, lower arterial blood pressure, reduce gas formation.

The brightly colored flowered knotweed tannins, organic acids, ascorbic acid. Anti-inflammatory effect in the gut and diseases of the oral cavity, tones the body, improves metabolism, increases immunity and sexual activity, improves hair structure.

The Alisma plantago-aquatica natural antipyretic, affecting the fat metabolism, regulating blood cholesterol levels.
The tangerine peel increases the body tone, improves spleen.
The anti-lipid versatility allows the tea to harmonize the body's basic metabolic processes.
Subject to compliance with diet returns to normal water in the water-salt exchange.
The high kovatartalom provides antibacterial and rejuvenating effect of the tea.

A tea cup to cover the daily requirement of manganese, which promotes the death of cancer cells.


  • The cardiovascular disease, including hypertension, prevention of atherosclerosis, as well as a supplement to the medication.
  • Great physical and mental charges fall as an antioxidant, toning agent, to improve the well-being of chronic fatigue reality.
  • Natural detox with various poisoning, drunk; hangover treatment; rehab.
  • Ecologically unfavorable residence or workplace.
  • Infectious diseases such as antipyretic and detoxification.
  • Gastric, intestinal and hepatic diseases of, particularly chronic constipation.
  • Excess weight-reducing programs of all kinds of metabolic activation.
  • The stomach, prostate, lymphatic system, and skin cancer in the prevention and treatment (as supplementary).
  • Vaginitis, cervical erosion, white discharge.
  • Contraindications

Mild blood-thinning effect, so when taking medicines such action can only be consumed under constant control.
with internal bleeding disease (eg. hemorrhoid chronic phase) or condition (eg. during menses, internal organs immediately after surgery) due to the above effect.
Not recommended for children under the age of 12.
Pregnancy and during breast-feeding.

Recommended use:

Internal application of the anti-lipid tea in the morning or in the morning, drink no more than 18 hours, since it is highly invigorating.
Normal or high blood pressure from 20 to 30 minutes before eating hot; vérnyomásnál low cold-between meals.
Slowly, in small sips to drink.
The tea do nothing (lemon, sugar, honey, etc), sometimes after 20-30 minutes drowsiness feeling arises, let us then rest.
The tea is poured off of warm (80 ° C) water, covered and allowed to stand for 7-14 minutes.
Calcium should be taken prior to the tea cure for two weeks, all to activate the metabolism, particularly the fat metabolism.
We do not recommend more than 3 months of anti-lipid drink tea, because then begins the evacuation of magnesium from the body, which leads to sleepiness, working ability, and memory loss. re-use of tea bags is not recommended for internal use, it will be slightly modified in chemical composition.

Local and external application:

  • Cosmetology
    After use, the tea bag can be dried and used as needed facial tonic. The contents of scalding tea bags fresh and made into a mask, which was lukewarm applied onto the face, wash after 10-15 minutes, 1-2 times a week is repeated.
    Ice cubes can take it and wipe 1-2 times a day with him in the face.
  • Gynecology:
    very good anti-inflammatory vaginal baths made of tea, vaginal inflammation and cervical erosion effectively.
    For this purpose, one tea bag down scald-1 ½ liters of water and let stand for 10-15 minutes. Use immediately, rather in the evening, the treatment duration is 10 days.
    Later prophylactic continuously used 2 times a week.
  • Pediatrics: 
    The lipid metabolism disorder, uric acid diathesis, be applied above and in case of a minimum dose of 60 aged 12-16 years, that is, one bag containing 1.5 liters of water to be applied long as the minimum duration of the cure doses woman.

Duration of treatment: 1-3 months.




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