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Tiens Garlic Oil Soft Capsule

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Garlic Oil Soft Capsule


• Beneficial effects on the general physical condition of the body • It positively influence blood circulation • strengthen the organization's resilience

Main ingredients:

Garlic extract oil, tapioca starch, monoesztearát glycerol, mannitol, sorbitol, emulsifier Garlic is known to include healthy foods in Hungary. Improve the overall condition of the heart, the antioxidant effect of strengthening the immune system and promotes healthy blood flow is maintained. Garlic is the most valuable feature is that it stimulates the body's immune cell activity. "Garlic is useful in itself, in the form of tablets of high active ingredient content may even medicines. A 2008 meta-analysis showed that daily consumption of garlic capsules with high blood pressure than those struggling with lower blood pressure. Empirical data are also that are also effective, but the latter studies with rigorous academic standards are not yet supported by the terms of garlic against bacteria and even cancer prevention.



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