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Tiens Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine

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Fruit - and vegetable cleaning machine

  A healthy life is a protective "umbrella"   This unique device is made with the latest technology. High ozone provides.

Ozone is a naturally. It found strong oxidizing substance. It destroys harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Clean the face, legs treat ozone-treated water, or bathe in it, to keep himself away from germs, viruses and mushrooms.


  • Removes the remains of the woman's prescription protection products and fruits as vegetables to
  • Cleans the meat and seafood hormone treatments the remains
  • It kills bacteria and keeps food fresh
  • disinfect kitchen utensils, toys and clothes
  • It cleans the air, filters out harmful substances

Hormones, pesticides and other dangerous chemicals can increasingly often be found in food. These substances can be eliminated using a device employing the unique properties of ozone – TIENS Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner. The device produces ozone, which not only cleans food and water, but also disinfects the air in homes and offices killing bacteria, fungi and mites.


Ozone (O3) is a natural agent that, through oxidation, kills moulds, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Its antimicrobial properties are the most potent among other sterilising agents. At the same time, no carcinogenic byproducts are produced during its use, which is the case for traditional chlorine. Therefore, ozone is utilised in various branches of the industry: food, meat, dairy or cosmetics.

TIENS has created an ozone generator – Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner – that takes advantage of the unique properties of ozone for the needs of everyday life. The device uses electric discharge to transform O2 from the air into O3 – ozone. Ozone works on the basis of oxidation. During reactions involving ozone, the extra oxygen atom is released and binds to the material ozone is reacting on. Finally, a pure and stable oxygen molecule (O2) is created.


During use TIENS Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner must be placed high than the products being purified.

That way the water will not return to the device and cause damage




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