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Tiens Evening primrose

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Primrose oil soft capsule

Main ingredients: Evening primrose oil, glycerin, vitamin E, DL-alpha tocopherol Evening primrose oil is extracted from seeds of the plant, then cleaned, and then filled into capsules that are relatively easily ingestible. The core of evening primrose oil can be found found that It contains essential fatty acids that are necessary for human body optimal growth and development. Evening primrose oil traditionally used to regulate hormones. Attributes allow women prefer natural Healing instead turn to ordinary medications. evening rose


•• relieve women of menstrual complaints and facilitate the the period of menopause

•• You can reduce joint pain

1. Fat metabolism, control of the formation of fat cells, accelerates the breakdown of fats, thus . It promotes weight loss.

2. It restores the water balance, a good effect on the scalp.

3. softens the skin, eliminates peeling, prevents premature aging of the skin. It helps to get rid of liver spots, cleans pores, soothe the skin, smooths wrinkles.

4. It strengthens the nails, where fracture and broken layers.

5. It neutralizes the devastating effects of free radicals, regenerate skin cells.




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