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Tiens energy braclet for women

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Tiens  Energy bracelets white magic woman


The unique combination Tiens magnet titanium and Ti-Energy Bracelets beneficial to harmonize the magnetic field, as well as the positive and negative ions in the human body.

  • Alleviate the discomfort
  • Harmonizes blood circulation
  • It may provide protection against ambient radiation fatigue hypertension
  • backache

Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelets

The magnet combined with titanium and Ti-specific Tiens Energy bracelets beneficial to harmonize the magnetic field, and the positive and negative ions in the human body. Alleviate discomfort Harmonize the blood circulation They may provide protection against the environmental radiations


  • Super strong metal, which has a high chemical stability and excellent biocompatibility
  • It is widely used in medical devices and implants
  • There is only one metal, which is completely inert to the human body
  • It does not cause allergies
  • No toxic or harmful and does not react to the muscles or bones
  • The titanium harmonize the body's natural energies flow can support the proper flow of blood and increase physical performance.
  • It may help to ease tensions, muscle stiffness and reduce fatigue.
  • Stimulate blood flow, long-term physical performance and promotes general well-being.
  • The titanium relieve stiff joints and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause caused by the ladies.
  • Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet in using effective, natural energy judge magnet.

The magnetic field is able to regulate and balance the positive and negative ions in the body.


The effects of the magnet:

  • You can reduce fatigue.
  • You can control the human body's natural circulation and magnetic fields.
  • It can reduce the production of free radicals and harmful effects.
  • It may be useful for people who:
  • Long-time work, mainly engaged in sedentary
  • Computers and mobile phones are exposed to radiation
  • They are under stress
  • Tired, too chased
  • Poor sleepers, unhealthy lifestyles conduct
  • Voltage is detected after muscle exercise
  • Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet can help stabilize the electrical flow in the body.

This in turn ensures better blood circulation, relax the muscles and relieve fatigue and eliminate the discomfort.

  • Muscle relaxation and improved circulation

Experience has shown that a rise in temperature during 30 minutes using a magnetic field of titanium, relaxes the muscle and unobstructed flow of blood in the body. The elevated temperature reduces the discomfort and stimulates blood flow, which allows the body to remove toxins faster.

  • Changes in brain wave

The measured results show that the minus ions enhance the brain waves and improving concentration.

  • The change in the temperature of the human body

the amount of heat produced by man is determined by the velocity of blood flow. When blood circulation is accelerating, the temperature rises and so vice versa. The measured result shows that the improved blood circulation resulting in the increase in temperature.

  • Changes in the blood

Fatty foods and alcohol consumption, smoking and the use of certain devices to increase red blood cell adhesion, so that the blood viscosity. Tiens bracelets Ti-Energy use may contribute to the harmonization of positive and negative ions in the body, which positively affects the proper distribution and thus the blood flow of red blood cells.  

Use Tiens TI Energy bracelet every day and enjoy a balanced life! Titanium bracelets joyous vitality!




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