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Tiens Cordycafe

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 Tiens CordyCafe

  Nutritional Supplements coffee powder Cordyceps sinensis extract powder, calcium, sugar and sweetener Recommended daily dose: 2 sachets of 200 ml of hot water was up Ingredients: coffee extract, coffee flavor, cocoa powder, maltodextrin (wheat), skimmed milk powder, milk flavor (skim milk, dexterin, sugar flavor). Cordyseps sinensis powder, calcium salt of orthophosphoric acid, sweeteners: sucralose, foamin cremer non-dairy and non dairy - cremer (glucose syrup, milk derivatives, vegetable fat (hydrogenated palm fat) milk protein. Stabilizer: potassium phosphate, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, mono- and diacetyl - tartaric acid. Dye: riboflavin-caking agent: sodium aluminum silicate) Calcium is involved in normal energy-producing metabolic processes. Calcium contributes to the functioning NORMAL MUSCLE . 




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