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Tiens Blanket

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TIENS Health Blanket

Sleep is crucial for our physical and mental health.

It plays a critical role in the functioning of our immune system, metabolism, memory capacity, learning and many more. Thanks to TIENS Health Blanket you can improve your sleep quality and duration.  


It is still a mystery for scientists, why our body needs such a long period of time of rest and how does it actually work.  

But they all agree that people need sleep for optimal health and well-being. During this time our brain works very hard – it solidifies and consolidates memories and process an incredible amount of information gathered thought the whole day. A body requires this time to restore and rejuvenate, to grow muscle, to repair tissue and to produce valuable hormones. Sleep influences our emotions, reactions and good health.

After good night’s sleep you can think clearly, react quickly and you are in a good mood. Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the sleep cycle is a dynamic interaction between Yin and Yang coupled with an underlying spirit - Shen. Sleeping is a very important component to maintain the balance of Yin and Yang within the body.

The daily and seasonal cycles in the nature have an influence on Yin and Yan in the universe. TCM emphasizes that the human body is programmed to live in harmony with the rhythm of nature. Therefore everybody has to take care of deep and calm sleep. TIENS Health Blanket was conceived by combining the doctrines of the 5,000 year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine and how energy flows within the body meridians. Thanks to used technology, it can help to relieve fatigue and improve length and quality of sleep. This way the natural detoxification cycle can run undisturbed and support the health of the entire body.  


Lukens fiber is a new kind of functional polyester fiber, puffier and more breathable than common fiber. It keeps body warm lastingly to helping to maintain proper circulation.

Far infrared anion cotton With the nano technology, far infrared anion cotton is made from tourmaline through 23 steps. Tourmaline releases far infrared and anions to help people improve sleep.

Anion, also known as the “environmental protection cop” and “vitamin in the air”, has such functions as sterilization, air purification, dust removal and mite elimination. It also increases the amount of oxygen carried in cells, adjusts the acid-base balance of human body and relieves the fatigue caused by the lactic acid accumulated in tissues and muscles.

Far Infrared  (FIR) is an invisible electromagnetic wave in sunlight, with a wavelength of 4~1000μm.

The absorption spectrum of FIR to the human body is similar to that of water, enabling resonance with human molecules to raise the temperature in parts of the body. It can positively affect on blood flow, metabolism and the body’s strength.

ACTION According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, good, restful sleep:

  • can help to relieve fatigue
  • may amend length and quality of life
  • as an effect of deep and sound rest, it can improve natural detoxification cycle which runs undisturbed and support the health of the entire body.


Health Blanket has no drug contraindication, so drug therapy and other kinds of health treatment can go on safely when using the product. CAUTION FOR USE Avoid scraping or damaging the product surface with any sharp object such as a key or scissors. MAINTENANCE If there is dirt on the product, please use a clean soft cloth dipped with a little water or neutral detergent to gently wipe the product and then smoothen it for natural drying (water temperature ≤ 40℃). To keep the shape and extend the useful life of the product, washing or dry cleaning is not suggested.



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