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PhytoDyNAmic for diabetes issues

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PhytoDyNAmic for diabetes issue 


The product is good for diabetes and many type issue treatment !!!

There has been a significantly steady increase in average life expectancy in developed parts of the world, thanks to the betterment of living conditions, medical science, and advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Progressively more people focus on the body and youth movement: stay young and beautiful forever ! In view of large-scale food production, our nourishment is lacking previously expected and normal content. Consequently, with our variable eating habits our bodies often do not get enough nutrients. The pharmaceutical industry is capable of providing the cure for many diseases, by developing more and more new compositions, but does not address the merits of avoiding and preventing the disease; it does not pay enough attention to the development of healthy, good quality of life. More emphasis is given to theories and research linked with the functions of the human body, the emergence of new diseases and the practice of medicine; they see a radically different perspective and revolutionary ways to approach the cure of diseases.  

After several decades of basic research and technological development, the time has come to utilize the special manufacturing technology that serves as the basis of phytoDyNAmic is not a medicine, neither a medicinal composition, nor a wonder drug. However, it is a dietary supplement, which due to the benefits of the innovative technology used in manufacturing, may be able to restore and maintain the perfect functioning of our cells. This can help both the preservation and regaining of health with the right utilization of medicines and medical interventions.

The technology used in the production of capsules is a world first. In this day and age all known and used drugs and nutritional supplements contain a "new molecule” or group of molecules, or an innovative composition of biochemical components providing the effects. phytoDyNAmic is different. Phase I. The active ingredients in the capsule of phytoDyNAmic carry the extract of active ingredients of green tea, blueberries, black currant, juniper berries, ginger, lemon grass, nettle leaf and milk thistle seed, all of this at the level of pharmacopoeia grade of purity.

It is attributable to the manufacturing procedure, that the active substance contains an exceptional 10 septillion (1025) impact of free electrons, with very low molecular weight (under 5000 Daltons). Due to the composition, the active ingredients reach their destination intact before the body absorbs, utilizes or destroys them. Although phytoDyNAmic was not primarily optimized for its anti-oxidant effect, it can be said that its components of plant origin contain various types of complex flavonoids: flavone derivatives and polyphenols, catechins, leucoanthocyanidins, anthocyanidins. National Institute of Chemical Safety, Antioxidant Test, October 25, 2013. in the human cell system. significantly increases the antioxidant capacity of the cells   Phase II. Well-known fact that our bodies are made up of cells.

The carefully selected plants that provide the components are grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or sprays. The components to be encapsulated are subjected to deep freeze-hibernation vacuum drying technology. Nowadays, this is the most gentle method protecting the bio-molecules during the extraction of the active ingredients from the plants.

The effect of antioxidant components on the body, completed with powerful electron impact in capturing and neutralizing free radicals, is widely recognized.

The outcome of the first step of the technology produces a raw “carrier antioxidant” capsule with low molecular weight and extremely high free-electron impact.
It is now able to substitute electron-deficiency and thus actively prevent the missing electrons to be replaced by “electron robbery”.

Antioxidants promote the reduction of reactive processes responsible for the ongoing effects in the body that cause aging and the formation of harmful diseases.


Phase II.

Well-known fact that our bodies are made up of cells. The harmonious and balanced operation of nearly 35 trillion (3.5 x 1013) of our cells can be considered the basis of our health. Approximately 7000 chemical reactions take place in our cells every second, and an overall 10 quadrillion (1016) in the body. Experts agree that such a large amount of reaction cannot be controlled by biological or chemical methods, steady operation cannot be guaranteed.

The control and regulation of physiological processes that takeplace in our bodies are undoubtedly results of biophysical interaction, typical of life on Earth.
Specific bioelectric oscillations (the surplus or deficit of electrons) are measured during the birth, metabolism, communication and proliferation (the human cell cycle) of our healthy cells. In the event of a change of these electromagnetic waves the function of the affected body or organ system changes, consequently illness occurs.

 Dysfunction is regarded as the root cause of virtually every kind of disease. The cause of this dysfunction is electromagnetic interference associated with the division function and communication of the body's cells.

The aim of phytoDyNAmic is the elimination of disruptions, and preserving the right balance for a healthy body function. The second phase of the technology is a unique biophysical approach called imprinting, whereby the encapsulated active substance gains the properties that promote unmatched results when ingested and absorbed. In the course of the process, the active herbal substances go through a process resulting in a lasting “vibration”, allowing the body to restore and maintain homeostasis, completely recovering from the level of the cells.  

Over the past two years, our patients and clients gave us numerous positive product related feedback in relation to a variety of diseases. This alone obviously would not be possible even if the highest quality pharmacopoeia-purity substances were used.

Such rapid and spectacular improvements, regeneration processes would not be possible without the bioelectric stimulus.


Because of its exceptional properties, phytoDyNAmic provides ongoing maintenance to the body’s best functional balance, so it is extremely effective:

  • To prevent disease, and for the long-term preservation of health,
  • To supplement the effects of the conventional medical and alternative therapies, to reduce potential side effects,
  • To the better utilization of vitamins, antioxidants, nutritional supplements in the body,
  • To reduce adverse effects arising from increased physical activity (e.g. sports, intense workout) and at the same time to increase endurance,
  • For the neutralization of harmful substances at levels of increased metabolism owing to intensified physical activity, detoxification, as well as to support faster recovery after physical workouts,
  • To create and maintain harmony in the body,
  • To sustain the ability for long-term work and creativity,
  • To slow the aging process with proper lifestyle, reduce its symptoms (i.e. skin tension, the formation of wrinkles) while sustain the complete, uncompromised ability of an active, creative life for the long-term,
  • Maintain long-term physical and mental performance and vitality, exceeding the ages.    

To achieve all of these we are actively searching for alternative means, methods, and results, and we support the efforts and research that lead to the achievement of these objectives. For best results, it is essential to take the capsule with the required daily water amount (4 dl / 10 kg body weight) and keep a balanced diet! phytoDyNAmic is registered in Hungary as a dietary supplement by the National Food and Nutrition Institute (OÉTI). Its composition and effect were tested in the National Food and Nutrition Institute (OÉTI), WESSLING Environment, Food Safety, Health- and Quality Assurance Laboratory,

Budapest Technical University Department of Chemisrty and in the National Institute of Chemical Safety operated by the Semmelweis University (SOTE).


Records of the completed tests and additional information on:

  • Chemical composition and purity of the capsule,
  • Its antioxidant effect,
  • Its impact on SOD enzyme activity,
  • Its cytotoxic effect,
  • The impact on human cell cycle, as well as its mutagenic impact    



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