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Do you know what is the bitcoin? 

If not, I can explain to you 

If you do not know what Bitcoin is, I'll write it very briefly: Bitcoin is a digital currency, the basic unit of the Bitcoin system currency.
 In 2017, 1 DB BITCOIN .6 178 582 EUR ! Yes, I do not have a write-off, check out the current exchange rate

January Monthly: Revenue from cryptovaluta mining. Compared to the fact that Bitcoin's price has fallen a lot, the January result was also good!

The biggest package is exactly 920,761  HUF   1 EUR = 313.85 HUF

1 HUF = 0.0032 EUR = 2.933.76 EUR     You could look passively in 1 month



October Monthly 2017: Revenue from cryptovaluta mining



What you should do if you are to achieve such success in such a short time.

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Feel free to try the link after entering and check out. At the bottom of the page, your name will be your e-mail address. Of course, if someone clicks on the registration or link to the Send page, your ID will be displayed, so you will join.

I keep updating, editing and maintaining the site with new information, you do not have to worry about it! Your business will be built automatically, you only need to offer it according to the methods described. So you can increase your revenue amazingly!

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How to get Bitcoin? There were only two ways 

- First, we're a miner. This is not a physical mining, so it is not in the mine with a pinch. You need to install a program on your computer and this basically uses the GPU of your computer, and therefore it will load it well, increasing the consumption.

- The other way is to simply buy BTC for a conventional currency.
In 2013, with some more powerful computers, Ten Bitcoins could be mined in 10 days.

There was nothing really to do, just install a program on the machines. Then 1 Bitcoin is approx. EUR 79.6110 per.

It cost about 77 times the price in only 4 years. It looks like this rise will remain unchanged, in October 2017, approx. The price of Bitcoin went up by 2. 000 EUR

If I had this investment and I spent a lot of money in 4 years ago, I would still have a pretty good profit.


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