Better Tiens ,Better life ! TIENS no ill client !!

Tiens work, internet work at home part-time job.


Are working, part-time job safe, secure money !!!




Details accurate by email:

 We are looking for Sales Person

The latest technology is based on an ancient imperial recipes, new systems, Nutrional Supplements products promotion of the 4-5 sales persons, we are looking for!

Since 2002, to the United Nations official supplier! Nasa also use our products
The fields of activity recognized world!

The company has so far received 89 awards including the WHO also rewarded with numerous awards. Now it also offers you a generous payment plan.

This work can be carried out from home, you decide how much time you work and when. There are no mandatory performance requirement.

For further information, please contact me by e-mail.  Learn more about TIENS.




It was in te Maltise newspaper fwe weeks ago 


What is the context of what it is advisable to consider a work from home, part-time job?

For example, what are the specific company's products?

Think about it and make your decision !! Feel free to ask any of Tiens part-time job in connection with work at home.


How do I know that it works?


Because I'm doing this business for several years, and many presentations, product demonstrations, business conversations I conducted.

Internet is also a valuable Tiens products for several years.

I have a lot of gasoline, it took a lot of time in the car ride back and forth to the countryside to the old method.

The store remained Tiens, just a new way of liked me.

The new method of work, part-time job at all possible, the regular customer program Tiens home

Here you can forget the house riding, friends '' mysterious secrecy "dial-out calls, reaching out to strangers.

End high phone bills and petrol costs a lot of time !!

At last !!! breathe up Rest assured there is nothing more embarrassing !!

After all, if you say no to the part-time job, work from home your offer, they simply clicked on the Internet.


Tiens work from home, part-time job offer: JUST YOU HAVE TO OFFER FOR THE PEOPLE


Tiens frequent customer program !!



Why only Tesco, Penny and earn points for purchases made at petrol stations ??


If the MLM networking and do not care about you or far from you, then you are in the right place !!

This is a part-time job, work from home for you !!!

Work from home, part-time job POSSIBILITY THAT recommend to you, Tiens!

Of course, there is more Tiens products.

At present, 67 pieces of Tiens products are available here.

You are free to decide for them, which would like to sell via the Internet !!!!


YES? HOW CAN come money from the bonus ????


Example: you get a bonus for the purchase of the products. There is a € 100 bonus.

The bonus monthly statement you get!

There is an order of Tiens Slimming Belt it is: EUR 100.

The purchaser shall pay you the full purchase price of EUR 100.

Your bonus utilize for Euro 50 and Euro 50 only be in cash, or pay by reference to the Consumer Tiens Over.

The bonus available to you the purchase price of the product up to 50% yours to use. (In the example of EUR 100 x 50% = 50 euro)

When I purchased one of the starter pack, after all order 5% or 10% or 15% bonus shall be credited to you, Tiens Hungary Ltd.


Depending on which package you purchased or just buy the discount card 


Discount card : 20 euro to buy the card .You will get 10 % off discount 

Bronze Package: Distributor discount 

Silver Package: Distributor discount + 5% off 

Gold Package:Distributor discount +10% 

Platinum Package: Distributor discount+15% discount 



This example is understood?


The good news that these examples, you will receive a total of EUR 100,

5% or 10% or 15% discount on your bonus in addition to, and yet remaining EUR 50 bonus.

You use just of 50 euro, from 100 euro bonus.




The Tiens give you many bonus and present.....



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