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This problem should be taken seriously and, as every other person in America today, 85 years of age have osteoarthritis of the knee. It is estimated that by 2030, over 18 million Americans are 67 and receive a diagnosis of osteoarthritis

Recent research at the University of California in San Francisco, unlike the previous ones were  focused not only on how physical activity contributes to the wear and tear of the knee joints.

 Researchers 250, the person between 45-60 years old followed up for four years.

 The participants inspected every two years, MRI studies of early cartilage lesions of the knee and questionnaires were also reports of subjective symptoms.

Interestingly, not only the intense sports business entities, such as the knee joint runners were more worn principles, but also the least mobile people.

So there is a movement, an optimal level, which currently protects the cartilage.


Predisposing factors

This result certainly stimulate further research that aims to accurately identify where possible in sports and in their activity levels, contributing to the knee joint and cartilage health.

- In particular, it may be useful to find the optimal activity, with increased risk of bone arthritis, or osteoarthritis.

It may be a predisposing factor for obesity, previous knee injury or surgery, knee and familial problems. Be sure to do an important settlement of the weight - it already gets less load on the knees - and demanding sports such as tennis or running to replace.

The question could work much better than brisk walking and swimming. "


Chi machine


Pedestrian Machine -15 minutes of use = approx. a half-hour of intensive walking, walking meet, several hours of gym exercises, or 15-kilometer run be able to replace all this lying down, gently, of relax comfortably at home or in the office.

We recommend to those who were important to the movement, but the sport, or even walking too strenuous for them - heart disease, spine-hip-waist legs aching in and sitting in performing work for an excellent utility for home and office recommended as well.

The Chi Machine can not help spine loading, but a unique way to enhance the energy of life.

Reducing Inflammation


The fungus Cordyceps medicinal product is a "natural antibiotic" Antiinflammatory effect not lower than the non-steroid hormones (eg. Hydrocortisone),

Autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, can also provide effective assistance.

Cordyceps highly effective immune regulators. Natural antibiotic with no side effects, many pathogen suppressive effect on (elfolytja pneumococcus, streptococcus, stapphylococcust)


Why athletes use Cordyceps in?


In the Western world this fungus is mostly known only in 1993, when the Chinese National Games in a world record 9 futon was decided on.

Surprisingly good results of their work in addition to the many workout attributed to the use of Cordyceps. High physical stress, for example. It is recommended for heavy sports

Cordyceps sinensis reduces fatigue, increases physical performance, ATP synthesis Cartilage "lubricate" - the Chitosan

The Chitosan improves tissue microcirculation, Solve vascular spasms, particularly the capillaries.

It improves the lymphatic drainage (self-cleaning capacity), where most of the toxins accumulate, and where they are most difficult to clean.

Stimulates the formation of collagen fibers in the skin to ensure that the elasticity of skin and skin cells to the culture medium.

The detoxification of other infectious and inflammatory diseases during and after. Synergistic effect of calcium and thus bone strength also. Hyaluronic acid content, it cartilage-building effect

It reduces blood levels of uric acid, which is primarily responsible for the formation of gout.


We are offer: 

  • Chitosan capsule
  • Cordyseps capsule
  • Tiens Flexy
  • Calcium family
  • Chi mashine to use

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