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International Health Center we have in the TIENS 


Oriental medicine has been the preparations are based on thousands of years of imperial recipes
Far Eastern imperial

Health tourism, rejuvenation, China stem cells, cancer diagnostics,
Tai Ji Sun Biological Technology



The Tai Ji Sun International Medical Center in Tianjin, China, Tiens International is located in the Industrial Park area, with floor space of more than one square kilometer.
Tiens Group has set up with China's largest independent provider of health centers, which provide the highest quality health services for search engine users.

The Tai Ji Hospital International Health Management Center, integrates Western and traditional Chinese culture after the Chinese medicine. Anywhere in the world so coming here to learn about Chinese culture and enjoy improved based on the Chinese health-preserving culture, health science and technology.


Health services.

Large-scale medical services chain was created, optimized for disease prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and medical rehabilitation opportunities, thus creating actual "health technology innovation system."

The health management system and the education system can improve the quality of health services, so you'll really people-oriented, which further improves patients' quality of life.

Tai Ji Sun International Hospital supportive and Means Health Centre
the world's most advanced PET-CT, dual-source CT, MRI, automatic biochemical testing laboratory.

The international standard facilities,
More than 7,000 seats International Conference Centre
3000-seat international Bankett center more than 4,600 beds, 4 *, 5 *, 7-star hotels
9 90 presidential and ministerial-level VIP Suite / Apartment
Tang Hotel Spa: various rare mineral-rich thermal water of 93 ° C is ideal for supporting the promotion of health, vacation, and hosts conferences, recreational and community programs.

The heat source is more than 2,800 meters underground in the Cretaceous layer drain on.

The Tai Ji Sun International Hospital and Health Center involved in creating and operating the world-renowned health experts:

The Centre for Health ministers from more than 30 countries took part in an advisory capacity,

Eight major national research associate (Doctor of Science) 9 main-level master of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dean

Invited well-known professors from abroad in the consultation team members, who are in the US, Germany, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and other countries, including the world-famous experts of the field of treatment, rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine.

Tai Ji Hospital Center for International Health Management sets health management, comprehensive rehabilitation, cosmetic medicine and education, research as a whole, the latest health management concepts, highlighting the health characteristics of Chinese medicine and the treatment of disease "theory, science, reasonable package of health management and content service processes, humane, warm and considerate service as a standard, so guests can enjoy the "one-stop, personalized, high-quality health services.

Tai Ji Sun Health Management concept: a modern concept of health (physical, psychological and social adaptability) and a new health care model (bio - psycho - social) means, as well as the treatment of disease, such as using a manual management methods and means of individual or Groups overall impact overall health and medical risk factors, detection, assessment, effective interventions, and continuous monitoring. We achieve maximum health benefits in addition to the minimal investment.


Tiens Tai Ji-Sun Hospital

Tai Ji Sun International Hospital Health and Conservation Centre
The "Outstanding Health Industry" help the development strategy of Tiens Tiens Group was established and International Health Industrial Park and International Universities, which are spread over 4.2 square kilometers and more than 17 billion RMB (~ € 2 billion) in total investment.
The five-thousand-year-old, renowned Chinese health-preserving culture and
Based on cutting-edge biotechnology, Tiens Group combines cutting-edge technology using natural essences and scientifically engineered ingredients.
Tiens International Health Industrial Park and Tai Ji Sun Hospital as part of the International Health and Conservation Centre 28,000 square meters of floor space in China's largest and leading health and prevention institutions.
The establishment of the Tiens Group in disclosure, the main focus of a comprehensive, one-step, personalized and providing high-quality health and prevention services, this is a recipient of the guests.

The international market most sophisticated equipment, the most authoritative expert teams, advanced Tai Ji Sun facilities and philosophy, combining optimum service flow as an institution from its competitors.

In the field of early cancer screening in the screening Tai Ji Sun offered the most timely, most accurate, most organized, the safest and the most comprehensive services in China, as well as on an international level in any institution rivals, thus providing solid support for the Tai Ji Sun institution in cancer prevention, diagnosis, disease mitigation and treatment of.
Early cancer screening and out - starting from diagnosis Tai Ji Sun of the world's leading cell-bioterápiával the Institute has established a strategic alliance with the United States, Japan and Korea Republic of biotherapeutic own cell center to establish trusting to a great extent It improves the rate of healing in the case of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the immune system and the nervous system.

In addition, the Tai Ji Sun founded the Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Medicine Research Centre in order to be as soon as possible, the stem cells are capable of applying anti-aging  cosmetic and medical research purposes.

The Tai Ji Sun-committal in addition to world-class health maintenance stand as an institution for medical check-ups for early cancer screening and effective treatments for the service.



Diagnostic, therapeutic, cosmetic equipment - without limitation:

  • GE 64 rows of 128 layers PET / CT in the U.S
  • company:“Siemens”, Germany
  • brand:“Siemens”, Germany
  • type:Discovery PET-CT
  • advantage:high sensitivity, high resolution, high-definition images, requiring the least dose of PET tracer, low-dose CT scanning, highly-environmental.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging System


  • company:“Phillips”, Holland
  • brand:“Phillips”, Holland
  • type:Panorama HFO
  • advantage:Open, safe, comfortable, fast, quiet, low noise, no sense of claustrophobia.


Flash Dual-source Computed Tomography


  • company:“Siemens”, Germany
  • brand:“Siemens”, Germany
  • type:SOMATOM Definition Fl speed, ultra-low dose, green, safe, early diagnosis of artery



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