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How to boost immunity?


During the autumn-winter season, we often feel overtired and sleepy. The factors contributing to this are: lack of sunlight, decreased amounts of exercise, temperature changes or insufficient vitamin provision with food. Our natural immunity may be then impaired - we become more susceptible to colds and other more serious infections.

Immunity is our natural force. Thanks to it, the body can deal with viruses and bacteria that attack it and cause diseases. The functioning of the immune system occurs on three levels. On the first level, the immune system creates a barrier, which bacteria and viruses cannot come through, and if they do cross, it attempts to destroy them in order to prevent their spread. On the third level, once they have entered the body and begun multiplying and spreading, it continues to attack them in order to eliminate them from the body. Natural immunity is passed on within the gene pool, however, it may become impaired both through disorders of the immune system itself or through external conditions: stress, changing weather, bad diet. It is worth taking measures to reinforce it to help our body efficiently face viruses and bacteria as well as the cold outside. Mainly though so that we may feel better.

Exercise plays an important role in maintaining the body’s immunity.

Exercise for good health

Exercise plays an important role in maintaining the body’s immunity. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, we should go for walks, since according to fans of walking there is no such thing as bad weather - only inappropriate clothing. Just a few minutes outside are sufficient to oxygenate the body. Doing sports is also recommended, according to preference: jogging, skiing, ice skating or even snowball fighting with one’s child. One can also exercise regularly in sa well-aired room, preferably for half an hour three times a week.

Body hardening

The immune system can be stimulated through short cooling of the body. Everyday, so-called hardening, enables the body to quickly react to the changing environment and thus the presence of microbes. It is important to do this gradually, yet regularly as even a few days of break causes the immunity to decrease. The most popular method for hardening the body is an alternating hot and cold shower. We begin with pouring warm water over the body and then gradually make it colder. Another way is to walk barefoot - a few minutes a day is sufficient. The most hardened people are able to walk barefoot not only indoors, on grass or stones, they can run with without socks even on snow.


An appropiatre diet will also prove helpfull in supporting our immunity.


Immunity on a plate

An appropriate diet will also prove helpful in supporting our immunity. It should contain  plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially those rich in antioxidants. They fight free radicals and also boost immunity. The food on our plate should include: broccoli, onions, garlic, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes and peppers. They should be consumed cooked rather than raw. In contrast to the custom in our climate, we should avoid consuming citrus fruits, although they contain large amounts of vitamin C, they also cool down the body. However, they can be easily replaced with e.g. cranberries. Grains are something to count on (e.g. wholegrain bread) as well as groats, seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds), nuts and honey.
These products contain, among others, zinc, iron, magnesium, i.e. micro- and macro-elements beneficial to our immunity. The colder it gets outside, the more should we consume products rich in omega-3 acids (e.g. olive oil). Additionally to the knowledge about what we should eat in order to boost our immunity, it is worth knowing what can impair it. While taking care of our immune system, we should forget about stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, cigarettes. They have a detrimental effect on the body, and lower our immunity for even more than twelve hours.
In supplementing the diet in vitamins and minerals, appropriate preparations may prove helpful. TIENS offers e.g. products containing zinc, garlic, omega-3 acids (this should be linked to respective product descriptions)

In service of immunity

Apart from including certain foods and dishes in our diet, herbs can also help us maintain immunity. Dishes flavoured with turmeric, ginger or cumin will not only improve digestion and warm up the body, they will boost our immunity as well. Thyme, oregano and fenugreek also have beneficial properties.
During the autumn-winter season, it is also worth reaching for preparations that, according to natural medicine, support the defence mechanism of the body. Amongst the most popular are those with ginseng root, Echinacea, and spirulina (links to product descriptions). They can be applied in the form of supplements or infusions. Inhalations have an immunity-boosting effect too, as well as baths with essential oils e.g. pine or eucalyptus.
It must be mentioned that Spirulina is one of the most popular and appreciated TIENS supplements.

Boosting of immunity should occur in several ways as well as systematically throughout the year.

Benefits of sleep

Boosting of immunity should occur in several ways as well as systematically throughout the year. Healthy sleep is crucial for immunity. The immune system is a subject to the cycle of day and night, i.e. activity and rest. People who often experience sleepless nights are much more susceptible to various infections.

The quality and length of sleep are also important. The sleep requirement decreases with age. Small children need the longest periods of sleep, e.g. pre-school children require 10-12 hours, people aged 30-40 should sleep at least 8 hours. In turn, for individuals above 70 years, 5-6 hours of sleep are sufficient. It is a known fact our body deals with bacteria and viruses better when we are well-rested. The healthiest sleep is the one before midnight. We should sleep in a well-aired room, and at warmer nights with an open or half-open window.

TIENS offers a preparation that may improve the quality and length of sleep - TIENS Date Oral Liquid



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