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   Younger than 10 years


Tanaka massage against wrinkles and fatigue





The skin's vitality depends largely on the lympathic circulation , and it's certainly easy to slow down.

In this case, it develops edema and circles under the eyes, the skin is not pink and fresh, but also tired and gray.

If you pay attention to the proper daily facial care, and did not notice that the face would be glowing skin, try a massage, which invigorates the skin's metabolism and lymphatic circulation.

In addition, it helps to relax the skin, which will be very good for wrinkles.  Morning is proposed to be made, but if you do not have time in the evening can feel her stay.

It would be done cleansed face, a vegetable oil, but if the cream is not prone to clumping, it can be done with you.

Do not use strong gestures, do not knead the skin. The video shows how the lady says and follow the movements.


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Tiens Beauty Products


It defies time and age - the latest skin care program The modern and revolutionary care range and the skin balancing

Chaostic traditional Chinese raw materials of Bio formula developed advanced Tiens bio technology help.The composition of the refined product family is the natural Chinese herbal extracts

It contains: blackberries, white mulberry root, grass pasterns, pungent and fragrant motherwort stonecrop rosy.

 These components were chosen carefully to complement and complete balance to make traditional Chinese theory of the five love


HZ25 Aprotie Circe  Smooth up intenziv serum (20 ml)  80 PV 








HZ19 Aprotie Circe Lift up face  night cream (30 g)  90 PV 





HZ27 Aprotie Organics Moisture milk (30 ml) 41 PV​ 








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