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Autoimmune thyroid inflammation and hyperthyroidism - Graves' disease

My partner found the hospital the next day an endocrinologist who has been able to receive so it happened on Tuesday evening and had her child at six o'clock we were sitting in the waiting room vérlelettel and the family doctor's referral opinions universe.
Quite a long look on the doctor's blood findings and my family doctor's opinion after having examined and interviewed me at least, appeared and told me the facts softly you an autoimmune thyroiditis have hypothyroidism overactivity. Basedow's disease is also called the disease very long after the blood pressure measurement.

Methothiryn subtitles instead of a drug and a heart Betaloc Humapronolt because it will regenerate the heart overloaded and helps thyroid drug mechanism of action is better.
A further told that since I'm pretty weak, therefore it is necessary to complete the physical sparing even the clothes or ironing putting not recommended .
Many plenty of rest and sleep and diet pretty much investigation ensued.

Setting up the first week and then monthly medication and now only perform a blood test every 3 months but thyroid T3 T4 TSH values in 2010 from late April to early October have not been among the measuring range but improved somewhat.
In October, the endocrinologist decided in the light of the results so far to try to kick-start my thyroid and thyroid hormone called Letrox gave me pills next to Methothiryn but it was a disaster.Overturned menstruation and I took up what combination of drugs ever went to the belly in December so the doctor took second Ikan this medicine.
This was the moment I decided to try my Tiens agents to help my healing from 2 December 2010 I took a piece of medicine not only Tiens Calcium and anti-lipid tea Cordyceps was picked.
I was looking forward to the next blood test that I was 25 January 2011 and can not believe my eyes, and the results for the T3 and T4 results were in the range of measurement.
I was very happy and I went on a course of treatment did not change the TSH showed only a small duckbill to very little. I called female doctor and told him what course of treatment employ but assured me that TSH is a very slowly changing values and continue the consumption of the products has been right since 30 March 2011, ai blood results in my T3 and T4 is almost taken for granted that good but the TSH is beside It disappeared from the small duckbill that started to change in a positive direction.
All this is done and, of course under constant medical observation and blood tests but the endocrinologist I can only tell you that what healed so quickly in the summer when they have special blood test, the results will be perfect and I feel like I had to be at their own choice. That would be my story which was the beginning and the end is a pretty dangerous because the disease is highly curable Tiens products are not just fleeting moment of promise results, but the real healing. In closing, I would encourage everyone did not necessarily believe these products should be taken only for me and it's certainly a reality because the recovery is clearly seen in my finding.
Tamásné Borsos Hungary


Parkinson's Disease, bone fracture

I want to share my views about the Tiens product.Since I am a member of Tiens I tried and anti-lipid capsules of a high calcium
lecithin tea contains a large change in my health. But not only the Tea ,Lecitines calcium product, but also the Chitosan
Diagest and spirulina also started taking. Our're good to me in that disposition, has changed. Not only health problem
should not continue taking the medication for Parkinson early by a doctor neurologist wrote that you can not stop.
When my grandson was in the hospital for emergency surgery in orthopedics as both from elbow hand was broken and his left leg from the knee to the foot, and took him to the hospital two types of calcium, the doctor was shocked to fast recovering from.
These were the experience but it is not complete because there is more behind the Biokalcium, biozink and shall come to the place - claims of its products.
Bela Nagy Nagyvárad, RO.



Type 2 diabetes

In April 2007, they discovered that I am a type 2 diabetic, this is coupled with a jaundice, and two with gall stone.
At once I became insulin, there was no alternative, because the liver is functioning. I do diet manner prescribed diabetes and liver disease, needless to say, I was pretty hard to put together. In such patients they treat and experience, as if they were alcoholics.
The drugs slowly been affected stabilized my condition, but my legs cramp at
night were killed, then it mad. Then the doctor advised him to drink calcium and magnesium effervescent tablets. I did, but they are metabolic disorders. Ultimate despair I sat down at the computer and I began to start looking, just
surfing the web aimlessly.
I read: Rose Hoffman did not enter the promised salary increases for teachers. Underneath an ad: Part-time teachers.
True, I had not set the doorbell rang, I looked. When I read, I checked the online presentation, I registered and did not have
to convince me to be whether or not a member. I take supplements in addition to the prescription drugs on the basis of a
recommendation from the doctor Tiens:
1 Month 1.5-2 months: 3x2 Bio Zink and Diabetic rising doses of calcium / 1 / 4-1 / 2-1 sachets / day .2 months Spirulina, Chitosan
Zinc-taking should not be stopped, 2x2 dose capsules can be taken for years. Spirulina and Chitosant can take turns.

The Wild Ant Port repeated every six months. The blood glucose-lowering calcium is recommended every 3 months for 1 box.
Calcium is done the trick, since it has no leg cramps, I could barely lift my arms, I forget now that this was a problem before.
My eyesight has improved, fundus as well. Are you sure the zinc is due. The Wild Port ants are not taking the prescribed amount as dizzy, my blood pressure is going down, so only half the dose consumed. However, the doctor has prescribed Tallitont left.
A complete blood count my four stars are opposed to the earlier 16, at the Hemoglobin is absolutely great, and it's such a sugary excellent result can be posted.
Fate might want to accidentally found it Tiens!
Many Thanks!
Pergerné Smith ...


Constipation, weight loss, diabetes

Constipation problems were quite serious when I met him, Tiens company.

The sponsor and offered tea in the Tiens Chitosan, saying that from 1000%, that will be better. I did not want to believe it.
As soon as I got home, I drank a cup of tea and I took a Chitosan. It took less than half an hour, and you'll feel the effects.
They are created in 3 days my body, this product is 2! Also, I lost it. Later I learned that Chitosan can help alleviate diabetes.
After my grandmother grade 2 diabetes and eating as much pleased to 2 capsules told me that he had not hurt so much easier and limbs could go.
Thank you very much Tiens!
Who are also struggling with constipation problems, want to lose weight or just want to keep the intestine is fine,
I can recommend the peace of mind of Chitosan capsules. In addition, people with diabetes may also help, but still be attached to the 1-2 Chitosan product to achieve the corresponding effect.
While "heal" the person or detoxify it self, mean while money may create for herself. Unfortunately, these two do not go together in the world today, but it also reached Tiens!
Klaudia Varga

Arthritis, liver

In 1993 it was cancer of the uterus after row came colon skin
Chron joints bladder heart problems because it meant percentages given .
I started the cleaning thus reducing complaints are my liver was gone stain arthritis decreased the rest of my illness in the nine-surgical end it was de disposition, enormously improved with a pure heart. I can recommend the all products
Könczöl L . Komárom County

Kidney stones are history!

Anti-lipid tea: After two weeks of consumption, I am more relaxed and active all day and not get tired of the most important managed birth to, two kidney stones as well. First, there were cramps for four days, but did not give up continue to drink the tea eased the cramps disappeared on day 8 and day 11 in the morning gave birth stones completely pain-free 5-day. Thank Tiens! :)
John Boda Tiens consultant

Our eyes are brighter: Eyes

Last year I bought my great pleasure to the eye of the tablet Vision. Winter came a lot of cold tears to my eyes. It disappeared! But since it was not a big cold I am not watching for it. But in April this year in May big-time changes in wind, in the evening due to computing and reading began to shed tears in my eyes hurt again. Then I bought Vision product again. Taking these unpleasant
things they have disappeared. Now I know that the product has an excellent change,the VISION and Phytodynamic .
Thomas Hornyák 5 * Consultant, Technical Service



The time has come to send a catchy product experience. So far, the calcium is pulled, the oxygenated drinking WATER ... etc.
But it was hardly a flu that I've seen work before yesterday. On the morning -estig manager of a large factory tests done three days of 25-30 people daily investigated. (This later) So the evening had tears in my eyes, runny nose and "" I was dead tired, "" My head was
buzzing .... Well thought of killing bacteria TEA is, well, let's see. Two hot mug and go to bed. In the morning I was pretty good, but my nose was still plenty. Again, two mugs ... plus daily 3x2 aspect Vitality,
In the afternoon I was not tired, and completely dried my nose, I could also work well.
I say perfect products, recommend it to everyone !!!
Irene Csatári


Influenza - Cordyceps

Cordyceps about a week ago Cordyceps.Kb a week ago I started taking Cordyceps, as it has been more than a month ago alarmist us from the flu. Even a common cold could not find it. My partner caught a cold, something picked up on Friday, there was no sound.
He also collected Cordyceps, and in three days, a lot of tea, day 4 Cordyceps-sel was off to the races.
Anna Rakos 5 * Tiens consultant


Metal Allergy

Metal Allergy: my partner was getting heavier metal allergies. The jewels are already able to wear after a while the silver, either.
A thorough cleanse and Bio much calcium, it used Cordyceps, Tianshi is essentially done through the initial program.
Today, trinkets can be worn boldly, so to speak, does this mean for us :) million savings in addition to the eyes do not itch from spring to autumn.
by admin


I want to thank this information is very useful for me, as for many years have metal allergies. I can only wear gold jewelry.
I'm new here, but now I know what are the products that every picture I'm going to try and use it.


Allergic symptoms Pollen, pollen allergies

My son and my husband had suffered from allergies almost every year from spring to fall, I can tell. When I meet Tiens products, I immediately called the immune-boosting capsules CORDYSEPS. 3-month course of treatment helped them, not sneeze was not blowing your nose as much as before. Tiens TEA consumption of calcium and well-being granted to them.
Annually repeated twice in the course of treatment, in order to prevent !! It was an allergy, NO !!!
 Piroska Farkas

Allergy was, now is not

The clinic is one of my colleague every spring to the onset of winter is very sick. It comes out all existing symptoms of allergies, no voice, sticks his nose, really suffering. A lot of it has been received medication, but there is nothing to miss the signs.
May I Tiens members, full of enthusiasm and offered Tien tea and Super calcium. Miraculously find an allergy. Feel good and balanced.

Even the coffee is quit, because in addition to the tea you do not want. So my experience is that the Super Calcium is really good!
Sincerely, Elizabeth Dr.Pocsai 
István Elizabeth Dr.Pocsai

Allergy - and what I could not believe my eyes

In our family, women around 30 years of age is almost white hair TUSI "boast" so inevitably I could not avoid this fate.
Fortunately, good hair dyes temporarily remedied the symptoms, but the reason is it does not take away any hair dye, either.

I'll get some time chewing calcium and chitosan. But I'm a messy drug taking, making them only if it sometimes reminds me, I
took, and the Chitosant if it does not work properly on the disc hernia and calcium is because the grain flowers'm allergic, so when he began to get out of my allergies usual symptoms, then I took calcium daily 2x2, 2x1 Chitosan.

The allergy has over two days, a month last year, squeezed my nose, tears in my eyes, scratchy throat.
And to this day a mystery to me and just wanted to believe my eyes off the rose hair dye gray hair are not in place, but a lot of them back to dark, so dark in color visible again, are not the stem.
Even my son asked her how do you see when you only i talk myself. But he also saw it.
This is a pleasant side effect from Tiens products. :-)
Anna Rakos 5 * Tiens consultant Certified masseuse - health, health promotion is committed

Milk Allergy, growth stops children were

In 2008, I met Tiens, through its products, most of which helped the elder daughter of restoring health.
From 2006 he was diagnosed with milk allergy, then it started a growth problem.
In one year, it increased by only 1 cm from the end and wanted to send a hormone treatment. 3 months treatment were written on it, which would have implications for life and not just in a positive direction. We started to look for a solution and a proposal from the pediatrician, Tiens Cordyceps, bio calcium and was used for a few months. By the time we test the pre-treatment of my daughter grew 3 cm, the results
have improved, so the treatment is to leave.
Since then, the milk allergy in the family, and many more can be treated successfully, we do not get it any seasonal illness for over a year.
Thanks to Tiens products and trainings, my children are not familiar with the antibiotic nor the medical duty.
There's nothing better when we can secure our health, this has been the only financial security, you can also enter the Tiens.

Joseph Vass

Late in the evening mental acuity

I could either continue to work Lecitines experience of calcium a day after taking two pieces of a three worked on the computer and I did not realize how late at night or early there were two parties fatigue was nothing I could fit up to work even more.
Kiss R.



My wife was looking for a solution metabolic disturbance and lymphatic problems and the resulting severe obesity.
Tiens tested the formulations of the anti-lipid detoxication our tea (tea Tiens) and Chitosant we bought it.
Already by the end of the first month my wife was able to deliver several pounds of excess weight, unfortunately, a serious result of lifestyle changes. He has been taking the pair, now in its third month of preparations, the general feeling was much
better. I recommend everyone who is struggling with similar problems!
Joseph V. (45)


The detox is very good

The detox is very good because the hernia arises from deposits. And cleaning liquid in addition to more and more dissolved in the hernia,
thereby reducing pain. Over time, it is completely extinguished.
 Piroska Farkas

My product experience SPIRULINA 

As far as Spirulina, I'll get nearly a month, two capsules per day, and since then my head hurt less, and before him there were at least 5-6 times a month migraine headache, which is irregular meal and the resulting digestive problems were due.
Unfortunately, my life has not been radically changed, but the general disposition, is improving and I know in this Spirulina.
Bela Szilvia Zita (38 years old)


My experience with SPIRULINA 


I've been struggling with severe abdominal bloating, which is neither a diet nor a tournament not gone away, even though I am a rural person and I move a lot.
The solution of the sport and part of a drug called Spirulina said, I feel better and come to me in my pants.
Zahorán Maria (59 years old)


My experience with CALCIUM 

A spa in Budapest with my couple walking slipped and shattered my left hand a slippery surface. Doctors do not bode well abetted, I had my hand surgery, 4 wire linked with the broken parts place after putting the wrist, forearm.
You could have at least 8-10 weeks after the doctors remove the plaster and then have started rehabilitation, physiotherapy.
Luckily my neighbors suggested a calcium Tiens product in the high nutritional value of calcium powder.
From 3 boxes I pulled my hand into the condition began to improve. In contrast to the projected minimum of 8 weeks 4hét later removed from the plaster in my arm, doctors complete astonishment, since I am no longer too young age and this is supposed to harder to
heal this type of injury. So I can say nothing but good things to the preparation of Tiens!
Polish Elizabeth (69 years old)


Fracture or calcium?

Happened this morning when I went to the neighbor's aunt and milk over the newspaper said the "good" news.
Yesterday slipped and fell on the huge kitchen. Soon lancinating pain in the shoulder waiting before surgery.
They immediately made an X-ray recording and not looking in on break, just a bruise.
The doctor said Aunt Gizi that now was the lucky one, but since last 75 years and in this day and age of the bones break easily, should consume in a day of Calcium,  Fizzy pils. Gizi aunt said that she has in weeks of taking calcium, Erzsike because the neighbors took care of her.
Aunt Gizi very happy that I got away with that much big drop. He managed to experience the benefits of Tiens calcium.
After that, he said that: "I will recommend to others Erzsike expensive!"
Well I am very happy with this, so I share it with you.
Sincerely, Elizabeth dr.Pocsai István
István Elizabeth Dr.Pocsai


My experience with children CALCIUM 

A few months ago I met my first Tiens preparations of.
I am strongly in asthma patients, but thanks to Spirulina and Cordyceps children calcium the disposition, continues to improve.
The doctor diagnosed pulmonary clinic the month-by-month improvement and very powerful,steroid from my pills one has been taken away, and the remaining two are milder replaced. So I'm very happy that I found you, my appetite and I feel like life has returned, again with high I
can go for a walk, and most importantly for me, I can finally play with my grandkids.
Elizabeth Varga (63 years old)


Eczema - fatigue - Calcium experience

Large friend eczema, elbows, knees, waist, she said, and got it for him for 15 years. I took her calcium, and explained that it can improve the immune system, and can help reduce the symptoms of eczema, as well as the two-month
summer allergies may be less coming out. But self-respecting guy is not it, not taking all kinds of berries, because he did
not have any problems .… Once thought one, and like little children, I gave two eyes that had I now eat it ... since when I was there 2 was not, but at least one eye pours in part because they do not nibble, not sucking so simple, and if well, all of that goes
down and then melts it .... says… 3-4 this time about 2 weeks - after it saw that the dark spots of pink dimmer, and about half the size and thickness of the cornified layer is thinner, softer. I wonder whether the allergy will be felt the effects of calcium

Calcium Lecitines experience:

After a 2-3 pcs a day you take, I worked on my computer and I did not realize how late - or early on there - it was around half a second I was fit, no fatigue. I would like to work even more.

Anna Rakos 5 * Tiens consultant



Hi! I thought I write like a proud parent !!! That a month ago I sent my children to Pécs lecitines (IP) box calcium 2-2, I thought,
begin to use the product before the exam! I need some time, and is incorporated into the body!
It was the result :) My daughter is a graduate of the medical school, four exam this week was down, 4-5
score, and has just started the exam !!! :) My son is an architect performed, and now the masters program is the most difficult exam
today, fulfill your line! :) I think it helped them a lot of calcium, because they had a harder time of it! :(
The examinees now, honestly, heartily recommend trying out !!! It works !!! Each candidate will luck or a big hat :))) Love !!!
László Takács,Hungary ,Budapest


Flexi post-stroke recovery support Chitosan

I started taking the second month of the Flexi and are now pleased to say good effects. In the morning on an empty stomach one tablet and du. 5 when I started taking one tablet a cure. The movement is rather cumbersome, stroke left foot and from hand paralysis were built.
Could I become ambulant before taking Flexi, but I walk was difficult. Now lighter gait after taking the second month.
The movement of my arm, just back and forth, I was able to lift up to 90 degrees.
Now, after a month of treatment they have been greatly eased my shoulder circling the shoulder muscles.

The physiotherapy exercises can be performed more easily. It helps a lot Flexi metabolic process. It accelerates well, a great diuretic effect.
As a result, the muscles are now more relaxed, my blood pressure is stable,
though the „ TUSI „ I use it regularly for a year. Cleaning is done it is now autumn is fine, but the Flexi has ordered the metabolic process in my organization, it benefits the lymph as well. It's been two months when ordering failed Chitosant buy, so they were lymphatic
problems, which is now resolved. I am very confident in my further improvement, as the main point of cleaning.
Good analgesic effect, there is much work today, for example, it was the goal, so one pill after lunch I could be on his feet all afternoon.
In these or similar problems honestly recommend it.
Martonos Miklósné,Hungary


Chitosan externally

I find it fantastic, because my husband is one of his legs were red spots on it does not go away by diabetes, which caused itching, half of all has not gone away after a medical product. Ordinary NIVEA cream mixed Chitosant 6 capsule and thus, the rate of twice a day. and lo and
behold, the itching disappeared almost immediately, epithelisation started, I can hardly see on the trail.
Mon, 26/09/2011 - 08:03 – J.Nemeth


With us because of the 3 kiddy

We youngster slowly due to the three already in each room is a capsule Chitosan is extracted. But what use there is in addition to the plaster immediately and fully tested routine that you sprinkle on the wound and is glued down.

Chitosan experience - externally sports injury

My son suffered a sports injury or death shattered his elbow, a huge man open patch of redpurple spots, and came down to the skin.
I mixed a tablespoon calendula cream contents of 6-7 capsules Chitosan, smoothed, dry bandage at night.
By morning it looked fresh, new skin, red swelling had half as much.
I was very happy he is because of the pain also decreased.
Completely back to normal in 3-4 days, while still put . The rest goes to acne.
Anna Rakos

Herpes, burns

My partner - after a delicious snack - came out of the cold sore. Earlier always used to keep about a week before the pharmacy, as the share price from other cream healed.
I managed to persuade him lubricate the Tiens Chitosan miracle cream (mixed with 6-7 tablespoons of calendula cream Chitosan capsule contents).
The next day, barely visible in some of the burning pain in the past that day.

The same cream - Burns:

My son touched confectionery, while working in the furnace inner forearm, palm burned the place there already thin and sensitive skin blistered and peeled off the skin, the meat was just the place.
The miracle ointment been smeared two days later, was thin, but fresh skin will also reduce the sensation of pain.
All of these must be miracle ointment households where there are children, there is a perfectly
able-bodied childhood injuries too - because of the immediate and rapid analgesic effect epithelizing :)
The wounds are much, they can heal without a scar.
Anna Rakos


Oops, this has it all

"All of the disease, lack of energy, lack of minerals, antioxidants deficit…"

"... 78% of the land is gutted according to the WHO ..." - the composition of healthy foods (147 diseases caused by calcium deficiency!)
"Take your hand our health, because here no one will care about us …"
"... Registered pollen allergic asymptomatic ..."
- due to the eating habits are changed, the consumption of useful substances concentrated
- "... the nutritional content of food and poorer …"
"... Tightening processing Jerusalem artichokes, ... they are reduced developing type 2 diabetes probability ..."
(note .: most valuable component of Jerusalem artichoke, inulin Digest of our compositions can be found)
"... A day to eat 2-3 spoons of ragweed, aged 65 to 40 has a look …"
"... Should Calcium-Magnesium-P to maintain a balance: the Three Musketeers, they reinforce the bone …"
Serious words, but not unfounded!
Thanks by admin


Metabolic problems!

My wife was looking for a solution for the problem of lymphatic and metabolic disturbance and the resulting severe obesity.
We tried to Tiens preparations, cleaning treatment what the anti-lipid tea Tiens and Chitosan we bought it.
Already by the end of the first month my wife was able to deliver several pounds of excess weight, unfortunately, a serious result of lifestyle changes. He has been taking the pair, now in its third month of preparations, the general feeling was much better.
I recommend everyone who is struggling with similar problems!
Joseph V. (45)



Our product is running out and my tutorial After I took a 20-2012.július 300 PV worth of Tiens product / tea Tiens 2 chitosan, capsilite you
get double cellulose, carb blocker, Chinese date and 1- „Tusi” Next month pumpkin harvest calcium and zinc, calcium lecithin content in September, Tianshi tea. The headache and fatigue „tüsi” the past, but I could not lose weight.
On 13 November I was measured myself and I lost 4 kg. 100kg weight, waist circumference and 128 139 became hip circumference.
Today was /11.27./ 98kg / 122 waist / hip circumference 130.
Still, I just started to lose weight !!! As you will have my money on it, I take other products. It is as you say, Tiens my life.
Kőrösiné Gotthard Teresa


Herniated disc, reflux

For several years there is a herniated disc, was not operated on. At times, especially in the waist often hurt because of overuse, pain and
cramps radiated foot high palm to finger, and even took several weeks. Since the Tiens are taking - Biocalcium, Chitosan, Zinc, and Tianshi
Slimming tea drink - it has been hurt less and less, and when they start to hurt, taken 2-3 sec terms Chitosant night, 1-2 Zinc morning, the pain in 1-2 days It does not last longer.
Side effect: gastro-oesophageal reflux disease is caused by the combustion is terminated, or if you sometimes come back to Biokalcium or Chitosan helps you do, you become stronger before
Anna Rakos
5 * Tiens consultant, Certified masseuse - health, health promotion is committed


I wish someone would give an answer, whether it is between Tiens products, a product which fails to reflux cent.
My daughter is suffering from it, I want to help her.
George Gergelics


Dear George Gergelics!

My husband is quite strong pain relief and we opened the chitosan capsule dissolved in drinking a glass of warm water.
Chitosan not only relieves pain but also helps in restoring the altered cells! One of biocide necessary, BIOCALCIUM to offer help to restore the
diaphragm, which is why this disease has occurred. And of course, the anti-lipid TEA to leverage the impact of the products listed above!
Besides reflux disease with high blood pressure is beneficially influenced by these products !!

The reflux disease prevention has an important role in the development of good eating habits.
If possible, avoid smoking, alcohol consumption, bending, tight clothes or use of tight belts.
It is recommended to get rid of excess weight, eat small amounts of food every day.
Avoid fatty foods that cause heartburn, chocolate, spices, tea, coffee, fruit juice consumption.
It is especially important not to make the day last meal late at night, just before bedtime happen.
Reflux disease is milder cases of lifestyle changes (also) a significant improvement can be achieved. (As described above, the experienced family history.) In all these cases we recommend that you contact your doctor, too!

Kovácsné Barbara Fekete
Tiens- advisors,Hungary

Against viruses and bacterial infections – children

The children drank the tea and spirulina is cut in half and then mixed into yogurt or pudding.In the last month and a half to three times a pandemic swept the kindergarten vomiting, diarrhea and a high fever and sore throat and tonsil inflammations occurred had been replaced en masse . Now the teachers as well. There was so little he fell three times into the patient.
Perhaps reading my words slowly guess, that my children are not missing during this time when the other children in a fun and loud mouth kindergarten.
Groups connected with hardly a couple of preschoolers do not have to hear them alas. Here's to us and to our children successful start in the autumn
Peter Szabo Gyor Moson county

Pneumonia, immune system stimulant Strengthens immune system

A few years ago my father was hospitalized with pneumonia. I have X-ray and the doctor said, unfortunately, both lungs shows that
patients and, therefore, the elderly lengthy recovery is expected. Every day I brought her some pieces of Cordyceps, 2 when I was there I
handed him two was left there that night take it. A week later, again at X-ray and the doctor he said, pleased that fortunately
there are no traces of inflammation! Despite his advanced age the immune system is strengthened so that the resulting drugs a week was enough for the elimination of inflammation! Unfortunately, he has since left us, but our family each fall with strengthening the immune system. Since patients were not too many years, no matter how viral outbreak was (my son is still at school, there were many outbreaks)!

Despite cough or sneeze my colleagues, my body is strong enough to prevent you getting any infection!
Cordyceps is an amazing fungus, which is able to regenerate the body's selfhealing ability. It strengthens the immune system!
Since we take this capsule, any viral illness is not received by anyone in the family! let's start at the beginning of each school season taking it (the Spirulina), and we take the end of the period of epidemics.
My son brings summer camps, if any sore throat, taking a 1-2 morningevening eye, and so the immune system can protect your body will not
develop the disease.
Stephanie Meszaros Hungary,Budapest

Antibiotics result of damaged intestinal flora

My daughter this year became sicker .Each community-occurring disease is caught Antibiotics are prescribed a pediatrician instead of healing even as a side ruined the intestinal flora in January 2010 met Tiens and bought three items and gave him Digest, Biocalcium children and Cordyceps et .These were restored without the risks and side effects of previous problems even stronger so the little girl's immune system to then had not seen the doctor only in 2011 in a six-year trial
Soldier E


Cleaning cardiovascular treatments in one - minus 12 kg 

Most of my fellow patients had unfortunately returning guest I was picked up for two years of the 6 pieces of medication and a lot of bad side effects intervened in cardiology heart hospital but getting just experienced that has always been treated as a patient.
In addition, it will remain involved and heir to the root cause is not only seeking to devour medications safely, and if I'm in the wrong one to you will be prescribed a different one from another.
Otherwise, I can see the urgency of the surgery and subsequent rehabilitation was almost one and a half million forints I'd have been in trouble if I have to pay for the drugs and after more than ten thousand a month.
After two years I realized that for me Tiens found the solution consciously changed my lifestyle a bit and also my diet and started a course of treatment.
The second stage is gradually I left my medication and I found that the disposition, getting better and my blood pressure is fine
The third section has been completely left my medication.
Sometimes it was good for my blood pressure crept up but by that time I had not picked up anything at this stage of the cure and not included in any product which would be specifically lowering blood pressure effect of the anti-lipid tea is not proposed as part of the cure because then I took blood thinners as well.
It also takes time for the organization to change since I am well now you can drink Antilipid tea ,Ganoderma and calcium was added to and live my life free of drugs, so that when you do not have to listen to the patient's health indicator.
Oh, and the annual level of 120-140 thousand drug expense is halved to two courses of treatment and I also confirm it is my body and I get rid of a cardiovascular problem 12 kg was also managed to throw in the oven.
The recognition of the consistent implementation and then we have to go. No one will be for us to do everything in our health .no, not to harm you either know and thus understand the mechanisms of these products so that they can believe in them too

Irene Csatári,Hungary


Can be how the evening had my eyes is it difficult to remain open past this time I took a good strong Algoflexet make her comfortable sick and twisted and fell asleep .
Now I took a recently purchased „Tusi” and where my forehead where the two temples and flips placed handled myself after a good ten minutes only
I felt a dull pressure in my head and then the past is a very useful little device that I'm glad I bought it !!!
B Beatrix,Hungary


Migraine headaches!

As far as Spirulina, I'll get nearly a month, two capsules per day, and since then my head hurt less, and before him there were at least 5-6 times a month migraine headache, which is irregular meal and the resulting digestive problems were due.
Unfortunately, my life has not been radically changed, but the general disposition, is improving and I know in this Spirulina.
Bela Szilvia Zita (38 years old)


High blood pressure experience

Fodor Istvánné Erika In my experience a week of "tested" the TUSI. I used to treat spine and knee pain. First of all, when I made the painful parts, it intensified the pain, so I just called there for a few minutes. Each time, several times a day I tend to deal with. The third day pain relief immediately after
I put my knee or my waist. From now on not only quick, it was immediate pain relief, but also longterm / 5-6 hours completely painless /. I have a positive experience with it. I recommend to everyone! Istvánné Fodor Erika.


Bitter orange tea! Blood Pressure reduction

A mixture of bitter orange tea I want to share with you a great experience with the product. My mother had been a big fan of Tiens consumer and teas. If it was running out, she asked the next box of tea!
My mother suffers from high blood pressure for several years regularly picked by lowering blood pressure medications. 2 months ago I introduced him to the new Tiens available in Hungary bitter orange tea, as the years progresses, regular consumption of drugs, and I saw a little uneasy stomach problems complained.

He began to consume on a daily basis one liter of this excellent tea mixture immediately. A few days ago during our conversation he told me: "My son, I noticed recently that in addition to consumption of the new tea you gave me when I take relief in the evening blood pressure drug my very down goes my blood pressure, so it decided to take the next evening did not buy it and see we will be. Imagine the next day my blood pressure during the measurements ranged between 110/70 and 120/80 all day.
But even if you bought your morning medication and my now left this even a few days is not already taking antihypertensive medications for blood pressure values are good and stomachache is gone. "
At first a little surprised because it is not long been available in Hungary this tea and official description of this type of proposal can not be read.But peace, joy and contentment radiated mother's voice for a child to be more and more compelling product experience!
I know what else could I say to her: My mother is a great experience and I'm glad that you feel and the passing of the years of blood pressure problems also been made in improving.
They may drink more tea is low and if you let me know, I'll take the next one. :)
Károly Góczi 


My story

Happened to quite a few years ago, I felt (I worked a stressful track) would be to check my doctor.
Certain symptoms (chest tightness, fatigue, blood pressure) encouraged this. I love to live, the doctor who was looking at last.
The family also urged indeed! To sum it up a reputable doctor who did his job. Fortunately it has not been a problem at the heart of routine procedure, but high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides medication started (not much) taken on the basis of values. Until then ever.

The final report went to the family doctor to order-modality, who immediately posted up, and also increased the numbers of new drugs.
He asked to have regular control. Until then, I did not add any other. Always I enrolled for my wife's medication, which slowly began to not elicit landed in the trash. I do not consciously do not think it was important, I not even felt the need.
But there was a strict Doctor, I do not know why it always enrolled medications. Meanwhile, a new colleague in the workplace who told me Tiens products, and also started shopping in Him. I can sympathize with what was I recommended, as a natural constituent fabric and the Chinese health culture instinctively attracted. In fact, the so-called "TUSI" also bought.
I got a great shape green brochure, and there are detailed cure was written down what to take. He brought what I asked for, I picked mostly regular basis.

The doctor always sent word go with a control. After more than a year, I went to him and laboratory blood tests after one thought to ask about products Tiens review. I have given the green prosptektus hands after a nice introductory talk, what do you think about it ?. He turned the page, it was reading, then handed it back, not to engage with him, "Look -show it- completely negative findings of" well hit the medicines that they take on. Back to the brochure I asked, I did not say anything, and after politely said goodbye to new
prescriptions, prescription of "place". After a while my colleague is saying goodbye to the Board of Directors, so no medication, no
Tiens, everything went according to the old habit.
A few years ago the family moved to a new settlement, a new family doctor, new drugs, there is time, the drugs begin to "bored" and has now taken over as a consultant Tiens products, promoted, and I intend to connect many.
Sincrelly, Dezso Togyer



When I got to know the company and its products Tiens high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is my kind of medicine I took 4-5.
I felt the side effects. Tiens Tusi immediately bought it and started to use in addition to the cleaning. Combing her left wrist for 3-5 minutes and keep the chakra points can I use it. The drugs completely left the house because I was orvosomnál about a month ago to recruit.

He was amazed that you really good at Tiens products.
I have not told off to become a member of Tiens. I regularly get my biocink the lecitines calcium, chitosant,, calcium, veican.
Andrew Bánszki


Yes, I use it the TUSI 

Yes, I use my Tusi and results. My blood pressure has returned to normal after 3 months.
Piroska Farkas

Regarding the new Tusi (isoukan)


I have the following experience: a shorter operating time I reach the same blood pressure lowering effect of acupuncture important point of passage in the lower third of the forearm using.

The veins much broader, and my blood pressure within the normal range instead of 150-180. One old problem of thrombosis tendency on platelet adhesion, which was on the right lower
limb deep venous thrombosis. The left wrist and leg artery blood vessels soft laser irradiation handle this problem successfully. microscopically visible right distance between the location of platelets, which is due to the effect of the soft laser. But also a noticeable difference and are less prone to the injured my leg varicose veins ignition of the laser treatment. I recommend the Isoukant of pain.

Michael Fabók.Debrecen


My experience with TUSI 

1. Strongly I hit my elbow. Surely he could have and would have been stained blue, as in other shock than I used to be swollen. It occurred to me that if you Isoukan a good unit ... A sore elbow, I strongly typed. After a few minutes the pain. kept on approx. 15 min. The blow place healed without a trace. The pain will no longer come out.

2. Sometimes it hurts my waist Around the sacrum. Then I'm going to Tusi Isoukant and a sore point. A couple of minutes terminated in pain.

3. In some cases, I get excited, and then I felt my heart Around smarting. Heart place stroking the Crew and as a result of the pain goes away.

4. If my blood pressure goes up a bit, which sometimes happens, a few minutes on the left and right wrists to consider and settle the my blood presser.

5 TUSI device. Tibi grandson was 5 years old when she fell on a sharp-edged table. Hit the belly, slightly bruised her skin. It hurt her because she wept bitterly. It happened this weekend, the holiday house, I could not go with her doctor. I laid on the bed and handed the Crew. "This device is saving Tiens!" - I said. smiled and got up a few minutes later, the pain completely disappeared. That was it for fun, to see if we were in Tiens members, regularly recounted the experience. On one occasion, Debrecen--- Tiens Seminar.
Katalin Kovacs. Budapest


Dear Tiens: Tiens Tusi harmonizing ! 

If big trouble, man - essentially, by its very nature - test everything, just to be able to help those in need. So I was this device in purchasing.
Severe my family member with cancer chemotherapy, surgery repeated chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug treatment and ultimately a consequence of the already decades is normal blood pressure is extremely high escaped. Sometimes it was low. It's like a seesaw, one above, one below it.

No, they said, say the educated people, the doctors that this is the worst. That's right, I know I supported by.
The measured blood pressure values regularly soared 160 / 100-165 / 110 value ranges. So, by default a "highly poisonous „ organization had not wanted to burden further medical treatment, yet it is the only medication called Meramyl no eye would have used more.
After a long search, reading and Internet to digging I found it a " Tusi " too. Needless to say, I am extremely skeptical of these kinds of devices, as opposed to curative means. It is already today the "wild capitalism" of products, quality services is disproportionately high, it does not apply to value-benefit principle. Not to mention that the quality, reliability, very blank concepts!
Against this background, I ordered this product, hoping that something will help. I read so many nice, good.
These so I was all for anything that dealt a paper check is extremely difficult for authenticity, their benefits, etc ... I could say more, what struggles and reservations were preceded by specific purchase my intention, but now I come to a few days ago, a brief analysis unit into service, its efficacy.
Pros (own experience!) From the first use of the occasion also took him to 160 from 140 at. After the third day, he went down in blood pressure between 135-140.
The abolition of the neck, back pain, dizziness. Lost almost steady headache, dizziness. Past facial flushing.

After the fourth day of the onset of a blood pressure daily average of approx. 135 value. The dosage of antihypertensive medications after 3 days completely omitted.
The "Crew" is more often (4-5 times) we use every day. It seems to become stable to unstable blood pressure. The device's physical appearance is very aesthetically pleasing, good design.
You are as fast as lightning, congratulations! All I can say after only one week of use. Hoping I finish my words, that this device is not a scam, and indeed may be effective in treating problems of our fellow human beings in need without drugs, health status restoration. About you than just about marketing to their accuracy, kindness, politeness worthy of their tracking. If you could, you boldly dare to offer you, your Webshop Their others.
One can not "fake" customers, not "built" comment:
Istvan Kulcsar 19.11.2015. (15:45)

PS .: Thanks a lot, that's lagging, forgive me, I am old man, and somewhat inattentive.
So once again I am grateful to be with you brought together by fate, and of course the Internet. Many, many thanks, and thanks!
Speed, kindness, punctuality, politeness Without all the lies you deserve 5 stars! The opinion also sent up their site. Come on, keep it up!

In my experience, the Tusi -isoukannal:

1 / Since I use Tusi, without the headache goes away to some kind of pain medication should be taken with food. During the treatment, the pain has been noticeably up and disappears within 10-15 minutes.

2 / What is even more profit for me to get around. 1 month ago I use to Tusi, it was during this period of time is when the headache was associated with a 150-inch high blood pressure. The spiky
completed the treatment that I went on a 30 minutes and then came as a surprise because 120 dropped my blood pressure without taking any antihypertensive tablets had been included.
Every day usually in the morning - evening I use a TUSI, but at night every day. I am very pleased that introduced me to this health care option, because if you had only one eye medicine should be consumed less been worth it.

Thanks ,Bíróné Irene Debrecen


Tiens TUSI : joint problems, muscle relaxation

Tiens Tusi. That time I used 1 month I was very happy that I purchased the new Tusi namely the harmonized unit. I bought mainly as a result of the joint problems. I read a muscle-relaxing effect of infrared is that this new device as well. But the spikes vibrate mode it helps in removing waste products. Since then, a lot easier, better go to the gait, movement.
How do I use the device? Every day at least 2x30 minutes but if you have more time, more than once.
Especially with larger thighs Altering the pain for a long time there is heated through and IR-aware of the vibration function on as well.
Especially the thigh usually be treated with stronger pressure, that the action is more effective.
Finally, the thermostatic head doing leg. But the two arm is used to treat pain due to her soothing effect.
But the rest is great product because consumers without the device does not explicate the effect.
Thomas Hornyák 5 * Senior Consultant technical service


Joint inflamination

On Saturday and Sunday, he began treatment fructose syrups 1-1 cans per day. 3x2 noon. After a day 2 morning. 3 pieces 3x3 Cordyceps afternoon zinc. In the evening at bed time 3 chitosan capsules. 1l anti-lipid tea. But the use of massage belt you can not stay away.
I use my foot on my arm. After a month reduces pain.
Tamas Hornyak


Sore hip joints

My partner perform hard physical work that is intense strain on the joints. A good time is very regretted his hips, he has been hampered by the move as well. Have you started looking at the Internet articles on the subject of hip replacement ...
As recently debuted a new product called Flexi Tiens, I thought that the best time to test. He began taking two pieces a day later at Omega3 to be picked, the next day regularly taken Cordyceps , Fizzy triple and magnesium.
A month passed, nothing has changed .... chitosan then gave it to her. Approximately it appeared in the middle of the second month running, a
movement that has moved more easily. Even a month has gone by when I have been able to say that it no longer
hurts, and can also perform actions to do what has been a serious pain for months.
I am delighted to once again live without pain . Thank Tiens!
Anna Rakos, 5 * consultant, masseuse
Name of Products: Flexi, Omega3, Cordyceps, Fizzy, Chitosan
That time I used: 3 Months
Anna Rakos 5 * Tiens consultant

Muscle pain, sprain, yoga

Are you sure you also you were already so that after a long break you started intense exercise, as sports, yoga, etc.
I was also a meditation TM residential camp where three days we were doing pranayama breathing exercises, asanas (yoga) in a circle four times a day. The three days I've made with honor, but I felt in several places muscle pain, contractions.
I took biocalcium and consumed one sachet per day under normal daily 2 capsules cordyceps, and after a few days had passed, these symptoms and I could continue with the exercises in the same way as before. I recommend the biocalcium and Cordyceps, a sport, doing yoga, very easy
to exercise, even if only someone high will start, after a long break, may begin to practice yoga in older age.
Name of Products: High nutritional value biocalcium, cordyceps That time I used: 7 days
Kovácsné Barbara Fekete
5 * Senior Consultant


Chi-machine and back pain

Before I started using the chi-machine pretty much it hurt my waist, my shoulder. Now I use it every day for 20 minutes.
Gone to the pain, I have no pain while running the diaphragm, the district has become much straighter, it confirmed the abdominal muscles.
After a 20-minute use increases oxygen supply to the organs in the head and is easier to continue the work with just any mental strain, lying relax and play sports at the same time, it is very pleasant. Several people praised that what I am fit, a local doctor had seen about 20
years ago. Allianz Health Day, which is represented Tiens, many people have tried, and they praised.
I caught it Tiens machines are the best. I would also like to use it when I will 80 years old.
Kovácsné Borbála 07/10/2016


The massage belt experience 

Tiens has bought more equipment, like the best massage belt. While watching TV, reading, computer use around my waist, my shoulder,
I accompanied my ankle. The five engines can be set to eight kinds of movement.
Firstly, comfortable feeling, on the other hand, provides excellent condition. And reduces joint pain. cancel.

Mesés Gabriella 

Massage belt experience

All good experiences have taken possession of me, everyone became a favorite book is simple to use and turns doing its job.
Before and after a glass of mineral water drink that toxins and other waste products leave deposits and still lose weight is to him if 1 hour before meals or 1 hour after a meal I use the massage belt. However, who wants to gain weight using 2hours after the meal.
Farkas Piroska


Tiens Chi machine:

Tiens using Chi-machine rebuild muscles paralyzed As a consequence of cerebral infarction in the left from paralysis recovery two years continuously I use the chi machine. The morning and afternoon physical therapy exercise therapy is completed in 10-10 minutes (in automatic mode). In the past week it occurred in the afternoon tournament had to be interrupted so that at the end of the tournament's 10-minute use of chi-machine missed. In the evenings, I used small gardening has been carried out in the courtyard, it can not save it. When I remembered that behind the end of the tournament. This situation was corrected quickly gathered so much energy that I was much more active than normal, I felt very useful in the daily task of my care. So I experienced for the first time how much help for me this wonderful tool

That time I used 2 years
Martonos Miklósné, accountant Nyíregyháza,Hungary Wed, 05/20/2015 - 10:33


It took more than three years ago Tiens CHI Mshine We heard a lot of positive experience, we have read access to the machine
effective after the unit. It's hard physical work has been done with my partner, for many, many years, and mainly due to the strain faced with that very strongly, both of us keep left arm hurt.
Every day for 10-15 minutes in the morning to use the machine. The first 3 We followed the principle of gradual months, 3 days are always a little bit In addition to more time and more speed. This period took pains most, but gradually eased as the days passed.
We have now reached, that eliminated the pain, and thus could provide arms out. We could have lived to talk about our experiences in using the machine, but I suggest that you buy and use the device daily. Feel the benefits of a barrier-free flow of bio-energy,
"Without risks and side effects"!
Elizabeth Katona 6 * Tianshi Consultant, Trainer


Ozonizator – with car Ozonizator - car air disinfection

Yesterday a station wagon type vehicle and luggage compartment disinfected the ozonator.
Strong, unpleasant smelled the air, the entire passenger compartment a stale, musty smell was.

Now, he said the car, and that he did not like the smell.
We put the Ozonator in the front seat. 1-2 cm from their window was left open, the extension cord plugged in, the owner started the climate, I said, completely open all vent.

We run for the climate and the Ozonizator with 3x15 minutes.

Already after the first 15 minutes marked reduction in odor, no longer could feel it after the
second 15 minutes, the 3rd kind of treatment is only done as a safety measure.
He was very pleased with the resident, was glad to get fresh, clean smell was in the car and the air conditioning had not flooded the unpleasant smell.
Like after a good summer rain, fresh fragrance was in the car.
Meanwhile, it was time to talk, telling him what is good for everything this device and how much
money you can save it and what other products, and health is our philosophy.
Anna Rakos

New entrants on Monday and since then I have become consumers of the products!

I wish you a nice evening! Encouraged by Thomas' pen stuck! "We talked about cleaning my body as I looked myself in the vegetable cleaner ionizer machine. On Monday I received the package Tuesday morning and consumes the goods.
I almost felt myself that day that I started something. I have a feeling as if the inside of the vacuum cleaner out of my body and a
bottle of purification of everything inside me and I see well, the easier my thinking, my breathing airy ..... of course have complied with everything he said Tamas .… ( He is Tiens consultant,and doctor) since when and what .. compared .
To it that it was only the fourth day of what will be later? I'm waiting on my change, which is getting happier! I wish this feeling that
everyone should follow through!
Sincerely, Erika Fodor, Pest



I suffered a trauma, and physically broke down completely! I could not sleep because of the nerves, hair began to fall, low my blood pressure went up to 180, the coronary veins during two 90%, with a 75% completion narrowed half a year! The doctors were able to do so much that I got a lot of medicine and expanding net! They told that as
long as I live should not take them !! I was never taking medicine and so I was desperate! The Jani gave my son a small device (it was this is the TUSI )
I started combing method use 3X10 Las miracles every day! I was able to sleep all night after almost three days, I was thrilled this is, let alone why after two weeks when the hair loss I also began to decline. my blood pressure has become better and better, especially when I started to treat myself well above the wrist!
I went to the semi-annual check ups which stress the heart and to my surprise I have improved my results! Nebers has started taking the advice of Gulnara plus complementary products, anti-lipid tea Cordyceps, chitosant and calcium too! Next six years was nearly perfect for the results! After a year, no problem was gone! I stopped on my own responsibility medicines and I'll get has not only the products Tiens! I was still checking my health has not deteriorated and not in the least! These are my medical paper, non-fictional story !!!
Thanks to my son and to live without drugs Tiens! Liptak Jánosné ,Békéscsaba

 In my experience, the shock is from blue spots


Often bumping into thecorner of the table, and flushed parts can heal faster when they are treated with the laser-Tusi. definitely a good feeling when the cord around the massage function can be turned counterclockwise massaged a few minutes. It improves the metabolism (experiencing morning) and when used regularly will be more beautiful your skin. The latter also applies to the thigh. Inner thighs and bottom-up circular massaging. Use regularly, occasionally for 3-4 minutes. Debrecen My father was a 88-year-old struggled with many problems and I wanted to help him as much as possible to the remaining years of not suffer so much. Many have taken Tiens product, which certainly helped him a lot. Fruktosant, Cordy, children
chitosant calcium, a lipid tea. But since they were very sore knees and everything, I decided to buy another Tusi also see if that will contribute to even better to be able to move better!
Well I managed! The knees were used for the first time and worked very well! However, what it was even more shocking when I spent my father became ill and lost consciousness right there!

My mother immediately called the ambulance! I instantly got the TUSI and started at the back of the neck veins up and down to stroke it! Within minutes, she came to my father! When I told the paramedics could not believe their eyes! Sometimes even the same sick or twice and I had to manage this discomfort very well!
But unfortunately my father passed away two months ago, but at least did not suffer so much!
Thanks for the Tiens products !!
Szula Edit Békéscsaba

Today, my daughter Zoe Kitti

Today (8 years) Kitti Zoé life of my daughter when the first tooth filling was in the hands of the Crew! Constantly praised Aunt Doctor, how good and safe to bear the treatment!
In the autumn, nasal congestion lift the TUSI, so that the right and left side can be placed in the same amount of time our nose. In this case, I have experienced the benefits of Tusi.
All night the baby and I both bone is repositioned on my hands, so I fall asleep, wake up well-rested in
the morning. Slice after inducing foods in my tummy tapping the haspuffadásom eliminated in a short time. Occasionally old cramps up, eliminate joint pain, every pain to use.
Erzsike Katona
Tiens 6 * Tiens Consultant

The children are also very good 

The children are also very good. at the time when their ears and lamented a great service by teething, it

was able to reduce the pain in minutes. Of course, not every type of pain is good, but I also soothed my headache, you just have to drink enough water!

k, 12/03/2013 - 10:39 - Joseph Vass

Even recently I use


I can feel the beneficial effects! Not only is the blood pressure problems, but also the joints, iso pain, spastic izomgörcsökre .... think of the neck - waist pain ... ... .... Paralysis
postoperative rehabilitation ...! In addition to the mobility problems highlight that regular combing, not just the hair loss will help, but active, energetic is doing !! Sometimes the problem is that there is little time ... where we do :)) I can only recommend to everyone !!!
Wed, 02/06/2013 - 12:22 -Takács Lászlóné

We also use regularly

We can also use regular medication and couples 50 euro forgotten

h, 01/21/2013 - 20:16 — Hornyák Tamás

I have several of my friends,

I have several of my friends who use very good results in high blood pressure and increased heart rate mitigation. A good idea to trust the TUSI.

h, 01/21/2013 - 17:22 —Kovácsné Borbála

I have been using this

Has been using this TUSI device for high blood pressure, tested me, I will continue to use
Mon, 21/01/2013 - 16:37 -Adam istvanne aliz



I've been struggling with severe abdominal bloating, which is neither a diet nor a tournament not gone away, even though.
I am a rural person and I move a lot.

The solution of the sport and part of a drug called Spirulina said, I feel better and come to me in my pants.
Zahorán Maria (59 years old)



A few months ago I met my first Tiens preparations of. I am strongly in asthma patients, but thanks to Spirulina ,Cordyceps and
Child calcium from the disposition, continues to improve.The clinic doctor diagnose lung from month to month improvement and very
powerful, steroid meds one has been taken away, and the remaining two are milder replaced.
So I'm very happy that I found you, my appetite and I feel like life has returned, again with high I can go for a walk, and most importantly for me, I can finally play with my grandkids.
Elizabeth Varga (63 years old)


Lumbago mixed with cold!

Unfortunately, it took me a good, old lumbago and neither stand nor sit I could not walk very slowly, and lie down on the hot electric pillow.
This is 1 week of calcium, Cordyceps, zinc and garlic capsules strongly changed.

At present, it can stand for long periods of time, feeling good, that the seat is not a problem (although it is only half-an-hour maximum) and the district has been perfect, and the sneeze was big enough anguish.
I honestly did not think that such a problem that is so much help in the Tiens products!
Borsosne Mary Kun


Gout . My experience about gout


I would like to share with you.Approx. 2 years ago on my feet I came up with the gout, but so that I could not stand up, I got it about injections and medicine. 2-3 weeks back to normal, I thought that you no longer have to deal with this anymore. Well, was not that way.came back not long before I joined the Tiens offer and was held in the middle of a cleanse, my sponsor's advice improved by a bit of the daily tea portion control, the better to purify the body, the tea filter while it put the painful parts, beside consumed daily.
High nutritional value half a bag of calcium and detox current Double Digest and pulp products. In addition to tea drinking plenty of fluids / 3-3.5 liters of tap water a day /. As a result, it decreased in two or three days in pain, and totally disappeared within 2 weeks, no other medication is not picked up, so I did not go to the doctor, either.
Since then, the unpleasant pain may not come again. I hope I have described the experience of helping others to do the unpleasant
gout at bay can hold.

Charles Góczi 

Keep gout at way?

The meal also can help a lot to keep Rejuvenate your gout. Consume little meat, lots of vegetables and fruits.
The gout is caused by-product of the meat / urea /.
Farkas Piroska

If I have not run down, I can counted my days

"Once upon a time there was once a ... Yeah, so I could start a description of the story, if it were fairy tales, but my story autumn 2009 I was 123 kg, not a fairy tale! Unimaginable spiritual battle midst. I have three healthy, beautiful child into the world. I brought them up as me of my parents. My father is happy grandchildren. As time passes, the boys grew up and went to the row house. A little eye next to my daughter - who was a late child - siblings brought from the institute. Beautifully bred to each other in the small, all 5th. We lived fulfilled lives, I am very satisfied, I was a happy man. Proud, because the people have learned from my sons, all of them get along in the world.

The little daughter of music artist sings beautifully. It was then that my father died suddenly on December 7, 2004. He shattered his death, I
could not process it. On 4 November 2005, the 6-year-old foster son is lost. My blood pressure jumped up, heart rhythm disturbances occurred for me. betegeskedtem two years, my nerves freaked out a lot of gluttony became reflux. The doctor had given me instead of a thorough investigation antihypertensives if I had eaten. A heartburn ulcer medicine for my writing, even though he did not know - did not
think it was interested - that you have an ulcer. In such a state over the next blow, my husband moved to England in 2007. I imagined that I give to my profession, case and go after it. At this point I already operates nine children as professional foster parent.

Autumn 2009 I was 123 kg, amid unimaginable spiritual battle. I would add that it never rattled my bones, I was in a 70-80 kg, a kind of stuffed pigeontype lady. Around this time, my husband announced, she moved in with someone in London. On December 3 months of my illness, barely stumbled.
In January 2010, I went to an ultrasound examination, which found that liver fat so it is that "beats my knee", fully narrowed veins of the liver, intestines no longer consume. The doctor looked at me and said if you did not run down, you can number my days. The beautiful my children not to mention what would happen to them if I could "go." I cried along the way, on the way home in the car, because I'm not an ignorant man, this diagnosis was expecting, but - and here's the biggest problem - I could not stop and start a new chapter in my life.

There was no one next to me, self-pity is etched. In these times, there have been moments when I gave up. I thought that was it, did not I fight on, but the next moment overcame common sense, the will to live.

In my right mind I owe that shook myself, and I said, if God has entrusted to me nine child's life, you have to stand up for me, life goes on.
I knew that the first round should be repaired my health, but I also know that this is not the family doctor will ask for help.
In the evening I sat down at the computer and began to study the possibility of a cure fatty liver. It was not a rosy situation, since my stomach was swollen so big that I could not bend down. Click to take the net, jumped an advertisement, "Tiens Chinese Medicin Base and therapies."

I clicked immediately signed up and began to study the scope of health. In contrast to the supplements I had been skeptical because you've tried lately, he went to feel like the whole.
As he grabbed the Tiens, it had the ganoderma mushroom, Spirulina ,Cordyseps. But what convinced me to health among the presentations occasion I learned in connection with the bodies couples, gateway to the liver in the eye. In fact, my eyes were swollen so much sometimes that I could not open it anymore. Then I believed that what he writes about Chinese medicine, can be real.

Like a drowning man a straw, I started to hang on Tiens.Fortunately, a dear colleague, Violet helped navigate the maze Base then judged website. Joe Vass, kind and sympathetic man became direct manners to me. No one knew how
deep my struggle with depression. The ganoderma mushroom began to help in the digestion start, but it was still not the real thing. I did not eat vegetables and fruit. Falta fatty foods and of course I always felt hungry. Then I listened to the lecture dieting and I started to believe in detox. But I still did not have the courage to do it. I'm beyond that as well.

In the summer I bought a " Tusi ", which helped to normalize my blood pressure. Gone is the heart rhythm. My nerves calmed down slowly, the reflux of the past. The calcium and vitamins almost gave me new strength.
What is also very important, I got faith in my healing, Tiens. I understood finally that is what it means to be "all in the head will be decided." It would be worthwhile to write a few words about how capable people for disease itself and how it is able to change the approach, the
same man and the thinking has changed to heal itself. I think the moral of this story is all about. The sorrow, self-pity, resentment evolving thoughts while feeling a hotbed of most of the diseases.

I do not want to bore anyone with the problem at the same time, as I made my way through from 2004 until the present day, but I can say that completely changed with, cleansed and healed. I am full of energy and positive vision. Not thinking, not accusatory,
not blaming anyone. Grateful to my heart so that I could describe it, because it's January, it was not quite clear.

Now even close to 100 kg in weight, but 23 kg to rid !!
For the future, I plan to Tiens slimming tea, which just bought two boxes, even 23 kg, Lead, this time next year to reach my "dream my weight."
My story is going to ask me a crown when I stand in front of the family doctor, a flourishing, healthy, with negative findings. Maybe I will be making a photo as jaw dropping in surprise. "
Sincerely, Mary T. Aranka – Venice


Oracare Toothpaste

Experience the somewhat incomplete because it did not have to go to the dentist only once really.
Once when I think I'm one of the team's president. so for me it is a result that should not be monitored not the whole prosthesis, but even I could use your teeth as well. The prosthesis was made well before the entry, Tiens. In my opinion, it retains the remaining teeth and it does not matter that I could use economical, after a full year. I hope it still takes a long time
Do you know that the food in your mouth × 33 should be chewed before you swallow it, according to the Chinese rumor?
This requires dental condition, but you can keep in excellent condition. Do not regret your time, your body will repay, with interest of good teeth and dentures.
So do it: Oh, certainly not, then come quickly grab the next dose.
And our teeth, we forget only if there is trouble, if it hurts when you break off. A product from a very young age that still advisable to use my age as well. "ORECARE" and "other name" I think it's worth.
Use it constantly you will not be disappointed because their dentures are the best and I think this will help the toothpaste.


Tiens toothpaste dry lips

Yesterday was a very long day and night of the number completely dry, chapped (and I drank enough).
I felt while brushing your teeth, do not lie down without getting something should not do it.
Then he jumped in to the Chinese toothpaste Tiens doctor's premier fully rubbed into the skin because it is 100% natural materials.
I thought, everyone is asleep, they do not see what I playing.After brushing my index finger, I applied some gizzard and began to rub toothpaste. After a few seconds, he began to "disappear" and very soon completely absorbed. Today at noon
was no problem with it. Tomorrow I think I'm in a tube with me :)
by admin


The first product to experience the latest products, Tiens The first meeting of the SPAKARE cosmetics

The Shower Gel cleanses and sweet, as well as a shampoo, a conditioner fits perfectly to the body and moisturizes.
So nothing special at first, but the effect was spectacular body. Then it felt more and more the subtle scent when someone showered or used
the lotion. Although only moderately, but it can be felt several hours later.Of course, stylish.
 I think this is the best overall term effects associated with cosmetics. Elegant because fragrance is completely in harmony with each other.
Always disturbance to other different smells to shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and a balsam for is that we use. In addition, each wants to be a ruler. Of course, and this is not only confirmed the list of ingredients Luca We have the most sensitive skin. Not withstand the chemicals. In addition, now they swim a lot, the beach, chlorinated water. The linseed oil body wash and body lotion for dry skin mended, and even
more beautiful. Encouraged by this new silk face masks tried, but I write this in another post.

Nimrod is not yet in use, but is looking forward to :)
Pocsai family ,from Hungary


Heart failure, weakness

In December, when my husband came and heart failure was diagnosed, the hospital he was not involving force strength and constantly sleeping, sitting, because air is not received despite his oxygen bottle was filled with a foot of water, now I was 78 years old,
so scared that I did not get back . Fortunately, his condition improved. Then I decided to give him Ganoderma Lucidum + 2 capsules. Every day I gave him tea Tiens 2x1 capsules in the morning and 1 cup.

For Christmas I bought a machine Chi-massage mashine, I use 2x a day for 10 minutes.
The capsules have not been exhausted, but spectacular improvements have been made, no need to accompany, acting alone, his feet did not swell, there is an appetite and strength, per night can sleep, living a lively and sometimes go out to the terrace can not cough, do not drown, so much better now than at the beginning of January. Now not only my life, Tiens, but hers as well.
Gotthárd Teréz, Kőrősiné ,Hungary


Test results

Hi! I promised to write later the measurement results. I do so because I got quite startling results, though a small number of participants, but it reflects the great reality! Some idea of the summation of the measured values with respect.
Maybe it helpful. examination 2012.November 6-7-8 on a total of 84 persons EAV bioresonance was carried out, in respect of the following areas:

- Yeast and molds
- Helicobacter
- Adeno Virus
- Metals
- Nutritive and inhalational allergens
- Measuring lymph system and overall energy levels

83% - was found heavy metals, of which 5% of diagnosed or known allergy to the metal. The metals in the following areas receive the body:

- Old amalgam fillings
- Sprayed fruit and vegetable consumption
- Exhaust gas inhalation
- Reading of printed media during with some drop water finger.

It formed 89% of yeast and mold infestation soil food intolerance Milk, milk sugar, meal and the like. and pollen allergies.
The following causes of the symptoms can be triggered by:

- After antibiotic treatment in the absence of intestinal flora restoration
- A lot of yeast, bread, pastry, cakes, tarts and other pastry are beer
- Foods containing molds, mold ripened cheeses, salamis
- As consumption of nutritive allergens.

Pollen Allergy in particular:

- Black and white wormwood,
- And against ragweed
- Often mixed pollen,
- House dust,
- It evolved over dog and cat hair.

In many cases, work with the following complaints have been reported:

- Skin rashes, itchy, red skin lesions of a large body landscapes localized or more parts of the body simultaneously manifestations.
- Pollen Allergy Symptoms
- Digestive disorders (food and food independence bloating, feeling full, bad breath, stone feeling in the stomach, constipation and rarely diarrhoe unwarranted appearance, their alternation.)

1 case because of steroid treatment used over an extended period of time results were evaluated seven ones, so the test is performed at odds again later date.

SO REALLY PEOPLE 70% believed that '' WELL '' about the other 30%'re okay.
With us, it was the two people, while others were severely sick !!!! The heavy metal terminal calmly ajánlhatjátok Spirulina, I also regularly I use, I put it off and back measurements also show that this has happened.

The spirulina consumption is already recommended to everyone, but especially for women because it protects them from changes in current waves, and also plays an active role in hematopoiesis.

DIETERS WOULD BE REQUIRED TO LEVEL !!!! I would add that the measurement is not complete, since only the affected areas, and we looked
at did not have cardiovascular and bone density measurement. Knowing the results,
Use the TIENS products, ARE VERY EFFECTIVE !!!
Love, Irene Csatári


A recent product experience: Chronic pancreatitis

New Story:

Quilting occupations go nearly a year in which the lady sitting next to me out of many other sewing ideas also have the opportunity to talk about it. Listlessly, gray, worried he used to come to the otherwise handsome 47-year-old woman.
He once spoke: health problem shared with me, and we did not know that I was Tiens members. I listened.
2008 - the gallbladder was removed, and then later the head of the pancreas cyst. Since then, taking the (Kreont 25,000 inch) and certainly does not feel well, he imagined all wrong, do not feel like living, only - he said.

Here, I said to him, see if he can assist in Tiens products in one company. I asked for the final report, but in the book I could not find an appropriate proposal for this disease. We asked and we received an official medical opinion to solve his problem.
Proposal: In addition to taking Kreon
1 month:
Chitosan 2x2 capsules 5-7, 21-23 hours (2-hour rule compliance is important!)
Digest 3x2 tablets before meals,
Zinc 2x2 capsules between 9 -11, 17-19 hours
2 months:
Chitosan capsules Between 5 - 7 hours, 2 hour rule compliance is important.
Cordyceps Capsules 2 x 2 9-11 - 17 - within 19 hours
Zinc 2 x 2 capsules 9-11 - 17 - within 19 hours
3 months
Chytosan 2 capsules Between 5 - 7 hours. Compliance with the two-hour rule is important!
2 x 2 capsules Cordyceps 9-11 and 17 - within 19 hours
Zinc capsules 2 9-11 - 17 - within 19 hours.
Adult calcium powder ½ sachet 17 - within 19 hours.
Tiens not get tea. (Due to previous lack of platelets)
The product began to take a first half portion of weeks since the first day was a proposal complying seizures, then past. You feel good when I met him after two weeks. He smiled and said, I hope everything will be fine. Since then, two months, he was abroad, he
took with him the dietary supplements, all of the side effects caused by the Kreon (abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting, allergic skin reactions) are gone.
Katalin Kovacs Pergerné


More energy

By the end of September I arrived in the spring fatigue. One Friday I had already spent not sleep in the afternoon. I found the time to
thoroughly populated according to the seasons. Family consent of the then 300-point packages we ordered two of the team's
webshop warehouse. The youngster from four to two the child has started bored calcium taste, so honey, lemon, banana milkshakes smuggled we drink it for a month now. Can not wait :)
Beside Vision and I am taking Cordyceps, Spirulina and the children, and girls in evening primrose as well. Fizzy
The pitcher also been made with honey and flavored with lemon juice. I got myself out of the bracelet as well (I can not stand on my arm the watch and jewelry anyway), and since I'm not down. In showers, no abrasion, weathering is not visible and the effect is multiplied
think of the preparations. In the evening, again working online so happens that lie just at midnight and a
half at 6 am already on his feet, even quicker more and more. Honey, lemon cocktails, smoothies even more subtle reality is they go
in everyday life, such as small children definitely recommend it to pick up these healthy habits :)
Hi. Joseph Vass


 Bloodshot ovarian cyst

Half a year ago I was forced to see a doctor because of a hell of strong abdominal pain.The family doctor diagnosed pelvic inflammatory disease based on laboratory results, but did not know specifically which agency is behind this abnormal operation.
It is therefore referred for abdominal ultrasound, which gave me time after 7 days. Inflammation due to an antibiotic is prescribed, which was allowed to eat daily for 6 days in a capsule. Of course, I ate the proposal as antibiotics and even next of Cordyceps and Chitosan 2x2-2
capsules daily, morning and evening. That was my tea Slimming broken, so I went on this consumption.
At noon, a bag of children's calcium is dissolved in a glass of luke warm water. 3x2 tablet apart before eating Digest chewed daily, to balance the intestinal flora does not fall off when the antibiotic.

A day after eating 3x2 biocide consumption supplemented this cure another ultrasound. I felt just a combination of the drug and its products, Tiens pain in the lower abdomen ultrasound examination, however, the doctor in the right ovarian cyst 45 mm bloodshot found,
which led urgent gynecological examination, which were recorded for 10 days.
Seriously decided to continue during this period of time the consumption of products Tiens hoping to get away with the surgery, which doctors predicted the ultrasound. I reduced the daily dose of all the products mentioned above, the half and completed the course
of treatment with Kang-Li, 2x1 capsules and Omega3 from 3x1 capsules daily. Gynecological examinations found that there was no bruising on the cyst so you do not need an operation. Incredibly happy and thank Tiens, I'm fine!
Erzsike Katona ,Hungary,
6 * Director Tiens advisor


Dicho detergent

I tested the detergent Dicho today. Pretty much, very greasy dish came together today.
Diluted 1: 9 ratio in the concentrate, and they still had quite a few in the water. Lather well, the
smell is pleasant - and I am very squeamish about the smells, I threw in detergents has been out because of the smell.
Lightly grease all came down, there was a foot, with the bottom and outside of it was burned several small patches - cooking clue, anything you could not have picked from there, I told them scouring down. Now, they can come down.
At other times, that's all greasy edénynél on top of the foam floating on the water pavilion grease, detergent filled not won, another water, we did not experience this, and did not have to refill the water in the pots dishwashing detergent sem. The silky to the touch, have a nice shiny bright.
Dosing, mixing and usage miss the feeding bottle, with pump or without. As we used in the video. For now I am forced to use the bottle x names for this product, or an anonymous spray

I think it would be good to separate even such a small Dicho's bottle, into which samples could be to try and love it .
Anna Rakos

I tried Dicho Underwear

I tried Dicho underwear cleaners. Masseuse white sheets and towels I use these tested it. Dazz lingly beautiful whiteness, at first
glance, too, and a soft, pleasant to the touch are the dresses. An oil spill that I could not fromthe sheet 60 ° C wash at thousands of years, also came out. The pleasant smell of clothes washed, but not pushy, not too strong.
Two capful I did about five pounds of clothes into the washing machine, but I do not need all that.
I suggest if your computer is old, or did you use any descaling, make a half a capful of washing machine detergent Dicho underwear because normally dissolves old deposits me in the detergent dispenser was filled with old sauces, dirt.
Anna Rakos

Dicho cleaning

Dicho cleaning product experience Painting after cleaning high-tried.

I have about 3 liters of water with a capful of detergent Dicho, thereby cleaning the kitchen furniture, wall tiles, gas stove.
On top of the cabinets sticky, greasy, very strong dirt loosened a bit for the first time, the Dichos with metal sponge dipped in water and then soaked in water Dichos, cloth wrung out easily, it could be deleted without any effort and scrub. Previously, this had to
scrub a long time to come down completely.
Within the gas oven glass door, the fat is burnt in the same manner, simply came off without any effort, and beautiful shiny and clean was.
The kitchen wall tiles also have sparkling clean and shiny in no time.
So a lot of time and effort on a variety of abrasive products I saved it.
Anna Rakos


The Eastern culture and health maintenance for everyone Tiens help you


in the long run to preserve their own and their families' health, ensure financial situation. In happy to help, you
can use all the knowledge, who joins the preservation of health, the transfer of information, teaching a healthy lifestyle dedicated team.
Anna Rakos
5 * Tiens consultant Certified masseuse - health, health promotion is committed


Dear Tiens

2011.september turned out to be malicious tumors, the PSA results were 3262.000 ug / L (reference range from 0.000 to 4.000).
In November, a relative of mine recommended your product (Cordyceps capsule). In January, the PSA test is repeated with this result (10.240 g / reference from 0.000 to 4.000).
When I visited you run out of tablets and ordered the tablet, then you are also recommended as a supplement to anti-lipid tea. Then I started to use the two products together, and I felt noticeably better. April PSA results are 3.180 ug / L decreased from !!! The following month, this value is 1.220 ug / L has been changed.
Thank you very much for the information, recommendations and express delivery. I can only recommend to everyone this exceptional attitude and attention.
Thank you and Yours
Charles Kiss

Dear Tiens!

Will remember me not long ago I ordered from you three months each dose Tiens products, I promised to report the change!
With improvements experienced that caused by MS (Multiple Sclerosis) disease fatigue past, my feet do not tire, even the way
I walk my balance is not stable. (One month after taking supplements Tiens) I am confident that this will change.
Timea Miller

Dear Tiens!

Thank you for this very rare in today's world of care and attention, thank you for your help. This should be taught in Hungarian health care system. I wish you all the best.
Thank you, Andrea F.


Thank you all things, Tiens workers! Very good doing it. I am very pleased with you.

Being an improvement, I became more energetic!

Tiens products have substantially improved the quality of my life, I feel more energetic and healthier, since these drugs are dizzy! I can work better and disturbing my problems are disappearing!
Toth John (County)


My neighbors and my colleagues asked what happened to me, so I look good and I lost it down!
They are basically not changed almost nothing about the habits, I think, Tiens products also contributed to the current state of my favorites!
In any case, I will recommend personally to others! Tiens tea, Cordyceps
Stephen U.

Thanks !!

A few months ago a friend of mine heard Tiens products. His experience and opinions inspired me that I could try out a detox, which lasts 3 months.
Now I'm starting the third month, in the first two months of the experience was very good.
I became fitter, their general condition improved, I felt better about myself. During the course of treatment anti-lipid tea (tea Tiens) had to drink, the effect of which was great.
I was in the second month, the amount of calcium instead of tea, had no problems taking the capsules and even Chitosan and picked Digest.
Now the third month in front of me, then lounging. I highly recommend to familiarize Tiens products for everyone, because it is indeed triggered by the man, and what he wrote.
I would like to thank the work of the consultants who have a great devotion to monitor and carry out the tasks with speed, they are seen to have deeply about the fate of the company requesters,
the health status of the people who contact them. I hope that many people will use their products in Hungary and abroad.
Benke Zsuzsa (54 years old)


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