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DIABETES nerve damage - amputation INSTEAD OF AWARENESS


The symptoms of nerve damage award-winning fought the disease with a doctor. In connection with nerve damage in 26 percent of patients with diabetes endocrinologist Professor Dr. Edelman Award winner tells supposed to teach peripheral neuropathy for people to
Initially only the extremity tingling and stabbing pain associated with symptoms do not have access to critical patient quickly to the extremity of the total FELLING and, ultimately, limb amputations.



In connection with nerve damage in 26 percent of patients with diabetes, Dr. Edelman award-winning endocrinologist Professor, founder of TCOYD non-profit initiative, told Diabetes Daily tab to educate supposed to peripheral neuropathy for people to symptoms associated with initially only extremity tingling and stabbing pain prevent access to critical patient quickly to the extremity of the total feeling and, ultimately, limb amputations. We find with new boitechnologic to help food supplements. That can help 100 % to be health. PHYTODYNAMIC . Check on  webshop please.

The symptoms of nerve damage an award-winning doctor fought the disease for patients who have made instead ef waiting and still believe in miracles.

Taking Control on Your Diabetes (TKYD) called launched still in 2009 a special program of Prof. Dr. Steve Endelman multiple professional award winning endocrinologist, which aims to take personal command capabilities over diabetes teach special techniques and knowledge in education in addition to diabetic patients. One of the main area of the professor teaching the case of diabetes patients with neuropathy least known, that is, peripheral nerve damage, which, despite being affected with diabetes least 26 percent, unfairly neglected topic in the segment concerned provider. Yet the amputations could be avoided in many cases.

The first signs - Stinging pain and hyper-sensitivity begins . In case of peripheral nerve damage in diabetes is neuropathy. Peripheral because limbs are affected.

The neuropathy is none other than nerve damage, which is numbness, tingling starts in the foot typically occurs at night, and most patients experience this unpleasant symptom.

You should know that this feeling persists during the day, the patient is typically feel it at night because during the day walk its busy, so pay attention there is less discomfort than in the evening, at bedtime.

On closer examination, the symptoms do not we talk about something else, like a sudden little nervous meeting, which is nothing more than a slow death of the nerves in the affected area subject to unreasonable hypersensitivity.

When such sudden, sharp, stabbing pain in a point, or even running through the whole limb, but can occur tingling sensation, which typically means that the surface of the patient concerned, feeling smaller and larger area pitch-attack.
Typically act of stabbing, sharp pain and numbness as well, noting that the area affected will become extra-sensitive, it is also often hurt when the blanket reaches the skin's surface. More advanced common symptom reported by patients that hurt the clothing worn and can not sleep at all because it is even painful when the foot touches the sheet.


Progressive Process – inexorably?


The first minimum numbness and tingling, stabbing, sharp, point-like pain affects more areas later. Typically it extends upward toward the knees, slowly the entire foot and lower leg is affected.

The observations show that despite the use of neuropathic drugs, time, and diabetes severity progresses total numbness of the affected area goes through, which although initially filled with some delighted to patients, since the earlier stabbing pain was gone, but the fact that the affected part is constantly numb this is a clear sign of nerve damage. There is nothing more dangerous to your health in the long run than if someone does not feel the limbs.

"These are the people who come into something or get an infection and not know it. By the time they get realized, he had no return "- says the professor, who added that" it basically originate from diabetic amputations.

When they do not feel anything that is dangerous. " In this case, the smallest possible fast review is infected and damaged parts are difficult because of the nerve heals, neuropathic areas of inflammation and ulceration occurs.

A foot ulcer is very difficult to completely clean up.
 Because of the socks, shoes permanently closed environment of the feet - especially for people with diabetes - increased tendency to sweating and fungal diseases, the warm, moist environment and bacteria like to grow up in an ulcer in this environment spreads rapidly, long-term tissue-STRENGTH It limits a patient from a healthy lifestyle, not a negligible fact that the smallest ulcers can cause significant pain.

The professor is an interesting practical observation also reported that as those diabetic patients who have had advanced neuropathic symptoms, because of the itching, tingling, or precisely because of the feeling of loss noticeably often rub their feet, which undeniably shows the nerve damage symptoms .

For patients who frequently monitor their feet condition, "they are the ones who do not lose their legs," - says the professor, although it claimed that most of the patients even in this case, the rubbing, numbness, loss of feeling, in fact, did not take care for an ulcer on symptoms, the process proceeds and eventually comes to the amputation.
Instead of a check should pay attention to their own health better.

The neuropathy is nerve damage, that is based on the nerves affected, so if you are already at an advanced state stands above, damage to the nerves that have been partially or totally, the most important thing you can do to the patient, it is very much attention to the legs. Patients with diabetes foot cream. Several times, but at least once a day should look carefully at each foot and leg and enhanced wound healing and disinfection should be pursued with any wound.

Wear comfortable shoes, but if you can, it is best to wear a loose shoe, which is nowhere to break up the leg, but protects the base, the foot injury. Many people are ashamed of wearing orthopedic shoes, although according to a personal parameters prepared to wear special shoes can save the patient from limb amputation. These therapeutic shoes for the use of a professor specifically for those who are already in serious lábfájdalmaik or completely numb major part of the foot.
It should also improve the condition of the entire sky.

In addition to the time spent on foot state of health must be improved in order to slow down nerve damage, stabilize.
Note that if progress can be made lower blood sugar levels - Ideally, naturally, diabetic diet, a diet - reduce the chances of further detrimental health effects of nerve damage.

Peripheral nerve damage, Dr. Edelman avoided, if we seek to approximate a normal blood sugar levels leszorítsuk a limit. The blood sugar value in respect of "the seven important value, but 7.5 is still safe area" in order to avoid neuropathic symptoms.
The key is: self-control in nutrition, lifestyle, motion
Dr. Edelman otherwise you were 39 years are diabetic neuropathic symptoms, is not a coincidence that this area belongs to express preferences among professional.

As he says, the first 10 years was not able to control the disease in the next 20 years were only sporadically successful in their personal fight against diabetes, but for the last 10 years, consciously pay attention to the blood glucose values every day to measure the value and feeds accordingly. Thus, it has been the practice also experienced numbness, tingling nerve damage symptoms to overcome.

As he says, for good method is to never take yourself full, it should be on a diet a bit and move more than before.

"I still say, I learned of these problems (just) to respond, so they do not adversely affect the quality of life, but require a little more time." My experience over the last 10 years, the self-control of peripheral nerve damage symptoms are greatly reduced, stabilized .

The professor said the exercise is incredibly important in improving the condition. In the case of diabetics have arthritis speak up, overweight, or painful neuropathy, or a combination of these, we have to forget the self-deception that will improve movement without the condition. In praxis Dr. Edelman found that physical exercise in type 2 diabetics have neuropathic status greatly be improved, in addition, specifically observed that increased physical activity of the antidepressant effect for diabetics. Patients with more advanced position, who hurt his skin, the water aerobics, aquatic physical therapy can help a lot. In case of starting with neuropathy cardio exercises, stretching exercises may help, but strongly recommends the professor of the elliptical trainer because this machine is smaller legs spread, arms outstretched - that is, the limbs minimum with touch mellett-, freedom of movement by the engine of the whole body move it without a heavy load. Lots of options, even for those who are only able to sit in a chair because of their body weight. Although it can move - says the professor, who said that the important thing is that everyone carry out a movement in which we find joy and comfort as well.

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