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     Parasites in the human body


When is it necessary for your body detoxification and cleansing of the bowel?


If the idea of ​​detoxification and cleansing of the bowel for the first time in his life arises in you, you probably have never thought of it that is clean in your organization. 

Always clean the outside of attention: wash the dirt from our body,teeth, hair  - but if we are clean inside? 

At a time when more and more toxic substance meets the body, the colon (sewage disposal system of the body), liver and other internal organs detoxification is essential, as is a car for an oil change.

 The effectiveness of detoxification, intestinal cleansing the absence of key internal organs functional decline, the first sign of fatigue, other symptoms may indicate the disease already. it is difficult to recognize when needed to detoxify the bowel clean.


When it comes to detoxification and cleansing of the bowel time? 


How do we know that the body should have been more toxic, harmful gut bacteria and other waste material accumulated? 

This is not an easy question, because the symptoms are not from one day to the next cropping up, much of the internal organs functional észrevétlenebb "fatigue". 

We will assist you in finding the problems.

The following is a list of the most important symptoms that are specific to one or more of the problems detected in the intestinal came time for cleaning and decontamination:

  • Vermin and parasites
  • Diverticulosis
  • Colon problems
  • Poor digestion
  • Bad taste and a strong smell feces
  • Recurring headaches
  • More beautiful skin and hair, acne
  • A healthy diet should include a
  • Intestinal Wash
  • Constipation
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Intestinal gas and bloating
  • Excess Weight
  • indigestion
  • Chronic constipation
  • IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Candida
  • Flat stomach
  • Fibres / Psyillium
  • Losing weight
  • Gripes





   Inside you clean?


How to overcome constipation, bloating, fatigue and skin problems, so that when more energy and become flatter your stomach?


Dear reader, I'm Eva, Dr. MacPherson. In these articles we will talk about many things. I want to tell you that if you also suffer for some time now these problems, you most likely have already done everything to get rid of the pain. Surely you tried laxatives and other non-prescription and prescription drugs, commercial fiber supplements, maybe even colonoscopy or surgical intervention as well. But all in vain, as it is still suffering. Why? That's because the root of the problem has not been eradicated.

The main enemies: constipation, bloating, fatigue, skin problems can help overcoming könyedén available detoxification (intestinal cleaning) - while a growing number of our energy, your stomach is getting flatter.
People who can see your photos and story here and lived in IBS, constipation, flatulence, obesity, hair problems, stomach aches, skin problems and even caused a lot of anguish organ disease. But when he decided Tiens bowel cleanse and detox program in addition to the application, the suffering ceased.

Written by: Dr. Eva MacPherson, herb expert (fitoterapeuta)


Product Experience:

I regularly detoxify the body

We regularly detoxify the body by various methods: léböjtökkel, liver and kidney cleansing, movement. When I started using this product, it went like cleaning my place in the body than other kúráknál except that morale was more comfortable, did not have to go on holiday during the course of treatment and did not have time to do. True, the body is maintained not show blatant body leaving things, but the purge was felt. The organization is relieved. I was very happy after the three-month course of treatment. Several of my patients suffering from constipation. The cure for long-term recovery organization has brought balance ...
Tell everyone!

Dr. Barbara Marcus
- Dr. Markus Barbara, Sopron, 05/11/2015.


Easily solved with the decade-long problem 

Now I understand the second month course of treatment at the end. I'd like Tiens is constantly consume products because they are so easily solved with the decade-long problem, which could not be treated permanently as a doctor.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Gyula Cserniczky
Too month after the second course of treatment has been completed, that I decided to report the usefulness of the program. Especially it is mentioned existing for decades stubborn opstipácio ordering. Whether this result is lasting longer stay in the consumption of fibrous materials is important. Very good result to keep improving physical fitness, physical activity, exercise capacity. Past the former meteor ism. The cardinal condition for treatment to supplement the vitamins and minerals, which of course is offered to you personally.
Overall, I would feel better and stamina. The cure is a general repair.
Hopefully permanently.
- Dr. Gyula Cserniczky, 14/02/2015.

"Since the beginning of detox symptoms, all gone, and I lost six pounds!" - A. H.


You need to clean up toxins from the body! Namely now, more urgentl  Your health and quality of life depends on it. 

The Swiss Natural colon cleansing - and detox programs are simple, affordable, effective and safe.

        Do not expect it to act now, before it's too late!


Today, very few of the man who all his life completely healthy and free of toxins-fed and never taken drugs.

So we can safely say that detoxification, completing a detox is recommended for everyone!  Detoxification our health and restore vital.


The positive effects of detox:


  • The body is cleansed of toxins;
  • Weight loss, weight loss;
  • Unlock excess body fat;
  • Increased vigor and vitality;            
  • Better digestion, circulation;
  • More relaxed, more relaxed sleep;
  • Right metabolism;
  • Increased resistance to disease;
  • Shinier hair and stronger nails;
  • Increased willpower and determination;
  • Clearer thinking, improved memory.


A poorly functioning digestive tract problems, in addition to the free giving way to a variety of pathogens, viruses and fungi, thus contributing to a physical problem and the development of pathological conditions, which appear to be independent of the digestive tract completely.

When a person has long been struggling with problems such as. bloating, persistent abdominal discomfort, slow metabolism, obesity, and we could go, a good and effective detox is very much present and future suffering and costs can save you a man!


Cleanse the highest level with Tiens


THE cleanse designed to restore the body's natural detoxification ability. As described below detox is not fast, but a healthy detox program.

While it is true that the treatment lacks solid foods, however, the lemonade cleanse consumption provides the body energy, supply of vitamins and minerals, so the program is not about hunger and deprivation of the total, but specifically for the implementation of optimal detoxification.

»Special detox product is natural, herbal ingredients


Cleanse superlatives:


You can use for 2-3 month to clean your body ,also you will lose weight,depending of the person .  We can help you how much you have to take ,just send email please.

Check the webshop please


Use OZONATOR to clear your food !!!  


Fruit - and vegetable cleaning machine (Ozonator)







"A" detox superlative "changed my life.  Use the emperors recipe with  Tiens!!! I did twenty days, and I lost 10 pounds. As much, much more importantly,

I feel fabulous, and now I can work without power for 10-14 hours, and I'm happier than ever over many years "      -   P. G.




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