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Bluedynamic liquid capsule for tumor issue, help and prevention ​  

Nature has created the Perfect Organism: Human.


No-one has ever created anything nearly as perfect as this masterpiece. As a result of the inconceivably intricate interaction of 35 trillion (35,000,000,000,000) of microscopic organisms (somatic cells), Mankind has populated the planet, conducts researches, and creates tools to gain a full knowledge of the Universe, and to understand the laws of Nature.

Today we are wise enough to know that we have no information about 96% of the Universe, and no living tissue, or even a single living cell has ever been created artificially by anyone.

We can say quite openly that the knowledge we have collected about the laws of Nature and the functioning of these laws is very limited nowadays. The proper functioning of the human organism is called Health. The disturbances in the balanced internal interactions are, in turn, called disease. When speaking of diseases, in general, we think that a virus or bacteria might have invaded our organism, or an organ might not be functioning properly.

We turn to a doctor, because we know we need to do something to get rid of the pathogen, or compensate for the malfunction.  

The primary aim of all living things is to preserve their Health. Our body's self-healing mechanisms are still poorly understood. In the spotlight of the latest biomedical and anti-aging research projects is self-healing, significantly more effective than human medicine: our aim is to acquire and strengthen our knowledge on the mechanisms of our organisms to preserve and repair health.


Cells constituting the human body come in a variety of different types. Different cells perform specific functions: pancreatic beta cells produce insulin, red blood cells transport oxygen, muscle cells are capable of rapid shape-shifting. The source of all diseases can be traced back to some kind of cellular dysfunction. In some cases the cells are still alive, but functionally impaired (e.g. cancer or heart muscle disorders), in other cases the cells are missing (i.e. type I diabetes, Parkinson's disease).

We know from our studies that after cell division two identical daughter cells are produced.

This is not always the case! In some special cases, the DNA of the daughter cells is identical, but different DNA sequences are activated in them, so they will be functioning differently. This special process is called asymmetric cell division, and the cells capable of asymmetric division are called stem cells. The asymmetric division of stem cells can lead to the development of new nerve cells, liver cells, skin cells, and all other somatic cells   When damaged, the tissues of our organs release an excitatory chemical signal (G-CSF) to the bone marrow via the bloodstream to stimulate stem cell production.This molecular signal initiates stem cell release. Stem cells traffic to all body tissues via the bloodstream. Meanwhile, the damaged tissue starts producing another molecule, SDF-1.

As a result of the effect of SDF-1, stem cells circulating in the bloodstream are capable of migrating to the damaged tissue, where they adhere, proliferate and differentiate to the cells of the given tissue. Stem cells are proven to be involved in the healing process of muscle, bone, pancreas, brain, skin, liver, intestine and lung cells, virtually every cell and tissue in our body.

The most important factor throughout the whole healing process is the number of stem cells in our bloodstream. When scientists have compared the amount of stem cells in the bloodstream in patients having suffered the same injury, those with the highest figures showed faster and more complete recovery. Similarly, when stem cell counting was carried out on 501 patients, and their health status was tracked throughout one year, patients having more stem cells demonstrated better overall health condition. To sum it all up: the more stem cells we have in our bloodstream, the better our health is, as well as our resistance against diseases and our ability to recover from injuries.  

Apparently the best strategy to preserve and restoreour ideal HEALT status is to enhance the activity of our stem cells.

A study published by scientists at the University of South Florida in 2010 shows, the consumption of blue-green algae Spirulina platensis can lead to a significant increase in the number of circulatory stem cells.

  Experimenting on the well-known phenomenon of age-related cognitive decline, scientists of the University studied the effect of natural substances exhibiting strong antioxidant properties (polyphenols) on humans between the ages of 65-85. An extract of green tea and blueberries proved to be the most effective substance.

Enhanced brain functioning could have been detected on every patient after two months of consumption. Let us not forget the fact that oxidative stress and inflammatory conditions are considered to be the root causes of aging, and that polyphenols play a key role in their inhibition.


In the following years several universities and laboratories (in Mexico, California, Russia, etc.) repeated the experiment successfully.They continued the research to identify the "active ingredient" of the algae. Long years of work carried out by several dozens of groups of scientists have led to the successful isolation of a special pigment protein, which pigment protein:

  • Activates dormant stem cells in the bone marrow, stimulates the proliferation and release of stem cells increasing the amount of stem cells in the bloodstream,

  • Rejuvenates cells and the bone marrow, stimulates the regeneration of bone marrow to ensure the production of healthy blood cells and stem cells,

  • Has a molecular structure very similar to hemoglobin transporting oxygen in red blood cells, thus, it is absorbed easily,

  • Has an excellent ability to capture free radicals with great antioxidant and anti-hydroxyl-radical effects, along with prominent DNA protecting properties. Its antioxidant effect is 50x greater than that of dried Spirulina,

  • Reduces the chances of thrombosis and undesired blood clotting,

  • Strengthens the immune system, stimulates antibody and interleukin 1 formation to fight infections. ('Interleukin 1' is a group of 11 signaling molecules (cytokines).


These proteins control immune response in the event of infection or inflammation. It promotes the development of lymphocytes and macrophages.)   Prevents the growth and spread of tumor cells, has strong detoxifying, liver protecting and powerful anti-inflammatory properties, chelates heavy metals (mercury, lead) and toxins effectively, and stimulates liver function, COX-2 inhibitor with anti-inflammatory effects, while reducing pain and fever, reduces allergic symptoms due to its antihistamine properties, not only does it prevent the oxidation of cell constituents (lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, cell structures) and the cell membrane, it also protects the genetic material of ribosomes from degradation. So - according to very cautious assumptions - it may acquire an essential role in future anti-cancer and pre-cancer therapies.  

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) CLA is a form of linoleic acid, one of the most important polyunsaturated essential omega-6 fatty acids. It is well known for its antioxidant and immune strengthening effects. CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid in grass-fed ruminants (cattle, sheep), it is present in their meat and diary products (butter, cheese). For a sufficient CLA intake we should eat large amounts of such products, which would constitute and extra 5,000 calories daily intake. It is advisable to consume dietary supplements with CLA content instead.


  • Has strong antioxidant effects,

  • Optimizes metabolic processes,

  • Including carbohydrate and lipid metabolism (fat reduction - lean body weight increase),

  • Helps our body to redirect fat into muscle tissue where it is converted to energy,

  • Lowers cholesterol levels, prevents the deposition of fat,

  • Helps maintain blood sugar level,

  • Helps prevent insulin resistance and the development of type II diabetes


(phosphatidylcholine) is a highly vital, natural, fat-like substance. It is a phospholipid, consisting of 75% of unsaturated fatty acids. Lecithin is involved in almost every function of the body:

  • It is an important building block of cell walls, essential to our somatic cells for optimal performance,

  • It has a key role in the structure and nutrient supply of biological membranes, muscle and nerve cells,

  • It plays an essential role in the functioning of the bone marrow, the nervous system, the heart and the liver,

  • It has a key role in the nutrient intake and waste removal processes of our cells.  


Soy lecithin

  • Protects cells from the harmful effects of oxidation, including aging,

  • Helps break down fats; it has been used for decades for reducing high cholesterol levels (due to its strong emulsifying properties, it dissolves cholesterol and other lipids in with water, so they can be easily excreted from the body),

  • Cleanses the walls of blood vessels, strengthens heart muscles, contributes to the maintenance of a healthy blood flow,

  • Has gall bladder and liver protective effects, protects the stomach lining,

  • Is often referred to as “the nutrient of nerves”: it promotes the body’s regeneration process,

  • Improves memory and concentration ability in the case of mental and physical exhaustion, and enhances physical performance, 

  • Can greatly reduce or eliminate joint pain, acts as an antioxidant, increases the resistance to diseases,

  • Promotes the functioning of the thymus, stimulates the production of antibodies in lymphocytes, enhances the production and activity of phagocytes,

  • Plays an important role in female reproductive functioning, promotes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins,

  • Research is being conducted on its possible therapeutic effects in the treatment of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.  



Owes its unprecedented efficiency Our product in preserving and restoring Health to the combination of these components.

The liquid capsule (so-called hydrosome) technology is a revolutionary nutrient intake method with two important advantages:

1) it delivers nutrients in an easily absorbable and utilizable form,

2) it provides exceptional cellular hydration.

All nutrients processed by the body are naturally nano-sized. Chewing, digestion, a variety of enzymes, and organ-level metabolism ensures the proper degradation, since our cells can absorb and use only nano-sized nutrients. Our body is able to utilize only a fraction of the amount of dietary supplements taken orally. The hydrosome formula increases the therapeutic effect of nutrients to an unprecedented level! (This form of administration is especially important in the case of stressed, exhausted patients or people with digestive problems, since the body's metabolizing and processing abilities are drastically reduced under these conditions.)

The results are surprisingly promising in all cases. It is a pioneering method, since it enables the oral administration of cellular nutrients which previously could only be given intravenously. Thus, the efficiency of natural nutrients can be multiplied Another advantage of the formula is unique cellular hydration. According to the latest research findings, water consumption helps regulate body temperature and blood cleansing, but does not save from dehydration! Water is carried to the bloodstream, but does not reach cells.Due to its high surface tension, water forms large droplets (approx. 1 micron) in the blood stream which are impossible to be absorbed by our cells.

Experience has shown that even a small amount of hydrosome solution is capable of providing all of the body's cells with proper daily hydration!

In addition to Health promotion and disease prevention the therapeutic effect is significant, too, because cellular hydration has beneficial effect on all of the body's dysfunctions. The intake of blueDyNAmic must be accompanied by appropriate water consumption (4 dl/10kg bodyweight), by balanced, high quality nutrition and regular physical exercise! Based on studies, our body’s nutrient uptake via traditional nutrition is much higher when nano-nutrients are consumed as well.  

The groundbreaking formula of blueDyNAmic supports our body's natural ability to maintain and restore optimal Health every day.



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