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Blood energy stimulating circulation machine

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Energy blood circulation stimulation device

Today people are very vulnerable. The workplace is under constant physical and mental overload, as a result, will be readily neurasthenic, lack of physical exercises and causes musculoskeletal diseases. The disease usually formed circulatory disturbances, resulting in poor metabolic consequences, especially if the blood vessel cholesterol contaminated.

This aging of muscles and organs, heart attacks, haemorrhages, blood or even the formation of gaps, leading to excessive on slag,because the toxin and arthritis in the body.


In view of modem civilization is difficult to overcome diseases, Tiens company invited a group of scientists and physicians who have developed a new device used by anyone in Taiwan. 


Blood and Qi are believed to sustain life. Meridian and collateral channels are the pathways for the travel of Qi and blood, enabling Qi and blood to spread all over body and provide nourishment for the viscera and bowels to sustain their functioning.

Qi has two natures:

 1. Fundamental material that constitutes the human body and its disruption leads to body deterioration

 2. Immaterial vital energy that sustains life and normal body activities

Normal activities of the body are sustained by constant supply of nutrients from the external world, including fresh air inhaled to the lungs and essence Qi transformed from food by the spleen and stomach. So in TCM, Qi has both material and physiological functions.

Blood in TCM is defined the same way as in modern medicine. It flows across body and carries nutrients and oxygen to tissues and organs.

Qi spreads throughout the body, viscera and bowels, meridian and collateral channels supporting all kinds of physiological functions. Its basic movements are upwards, downwards, outwards and inwards. Qi is the commander of blood and blood is the mother of Qi. They interact and work together.

In TCM the fresh air we breathe and the nutrients we take are transformed to the body organs constituting the main source of substances for Qi and blood. In turn Qi and blood will flow all over the body providing nutrients for tissues and organs to support their activities. So digestion and oxygen intake will not happen without the circulation of Qi and blood.

This device is able to use all the reflex points of the feet. It based on high-frequency vibration, which helps to maintain the health of modern Blood Energy Stimulator


  1. It strengthens blood circulation and microcirculation.
  2. It improves metabolism.
  3. Strengthens the immune system.
  4. Normalize the flow of energy in the meridians Cin-Lo.
  5. It helps to remove the slag and toxins.

It is recommended:

  1. sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Musculo-skeletal disorders.
  3. Chronic fatigue third.
  4. metabolic disorders.
  5. Blood circulation and microcirculation disorders (eg. Cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis).
  6. Constipation.
  7. Obesity.
  8. Insomnia.
  9. High blood pressure.
  10. Pain in the upper back and waist.
  11. Sexual dysfunction and prostate disease.


  1. Hemorrhagic diseases (hemorrhoids, bloody stools, seizures, stomach and uterine bleeding)
  2. In women, menstruation and pregnancy.
  3. Tuberculosis acute period,
  4. Unstable condition after stroke and infaktus.
  5. Heart failure, congenital heart defects, pacemaker.
  6. Exhausted status of a serious heart, liver, lung or kidney disease.
  7. Benign and malignant tumors.
  8. Inflammation acute period.
  9. Infectious diseases (respiratory tract infections, influenza, etc.).
  10. AIDS  

Special Application:

  1. Chronic Patients should not stop their medication without leaving the doctor.
  2. The use of the device is free to start two minutes, the maximum duration of treatment is 15 minutes.
  3. The device can be used 1-2 times daily; The duration of treatment is the visible result.
  4. The device can be used in different positions: standing, sitting, lying down. 250-300 ml of water treatment is recommended after
  5. drink from, depending on body weight because your metabolism is improved using the device during and rearranged the fluid in the body. at least 1 hour
  6. can be used after eating. Detailed description: see instructions.  

Walk to stay young

Feet, hands, ears and nose are the epitomes of the entire body. Our feet possess dense nerve networks, acute senses and intense information transmission tracts. There are three feet Yin channels and three feet Ying channels. Feet are the starting point of three feet Yin channels (spleen meridian, liver meridian and kidney meridian) and the end point of three feet Yang channels (stomach meridian, gallbladder meridian and bladder meridian).

Feet hold the most important microcirculation networks. When we walk, with the movement of muscles, the constrictions and dilation of blood vessels will be strengthened. The strengthened dilation of blood vessels allows the blood to flow downwards easier and the strengthened constriction of blood vessels will push the blood to flow upwards. So in this way the feet can be regarded as a pump and their movements push the blood to the heart.

But nowadays people use their feet less and less. Elevators take us upstairs, cars take us to the office and computers enable us to stay home and sit all day long. Feet are not used as much as they should to perform the role of a natural pump and that thus the problems related to blood circulation.

If you do not use your feet for about two third of the day some waste materials deposit in the feet due to gravity. This worsens blood circulation and in turn speeds up body aging. Foot and hand massages promote Qi and blood circulation

There are twelve meridian channels in the human body. Three hand yin and yang, three feet yin and yang.

Feet and palms are full of reflex areas. By stimulating them we can increase the speed of blood flow circulation. After 15 minutes of palm massage the speed of blood flow can be doubled. Therefore if you have your feet and palms massaged with TIENS Blood Circulative Massager the blood and Qi circulation will be improved.

The benefits of TIENS Blood Circulative Massager:

  • Integrates acupuncture, stimulation of key body points and massage of reflex areas in palms and feet.
  • Supports internal organs functioning
  • Can promote blood circulation, restore elasticity of blood vessels and promote expelling of toxins and waste.
  • May help to promote blood circulation and enhance the capacity of oxygen carried in the bloodstream.
  • May help to promote blood circulation, enhance the oxygen capacity in the bloodstream thus improving skin condition and helping to keep young look for longer.
  • May help to accelerate the decomposition of fat tissue. As long as you keep healthy diet and use the massager, it may help you lose weight and be more fit.
  • Can effectively help to elevate fatigue, support the endocrine functions and maintain balance. By stimulating the Huiyin Point (between the genitals and the anus) it can increase the amount of blood flow in the reproductive organs and regulate secretion of hormones.
  • Keeps body channels clear and activated

Support for the body's defence system




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