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The origins of traditional Chinese medicine can be traced back thousands of years.  The according to us the secret of our health and the environment around us lies.
 The medicine not only pay attention to people's health, but also of physical and psychological health, diet too.

Basic message of prevention and treatment. The natural Chinese medicine is another important aspect of the continuous improvement of the existing state.
These two approaches will build up the Chinese concept of health, which was known as the longevity culture as well.

 The secret of longevity analyzer, comprehensive research has shown that the world's five highest expected average age Boasting three regions is based on or arising from the Chinese culture.
Traditional Chinese healing and harmony of the five elements of yin and yang between teacher builds, which assumes that the whole of nature and the universe consists of five elements: earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

Each one of these items for classification. Tiens Most supplements provide answers to the Five Elements teacher.
Although Tiens of traditional Chinese medicine is rich repertoire draws on all the latest developments in biotechnology combines.

 Tiens has developed a comprehensive program in order to maintain a good state of physical and spiritual by dietary supplements, which spans four steps: cleaning, restoration, strengthening and balance.


The Asian women's beauty secrets


Flawless and wrinkle-free skin, slim figure, shiny hair - the Asian women's beauty ideals it was no different from those of their European counterparts.

They are the perfection of traditional and modern technologies to deliver the help of cosmetic reached. It is very important for a healthy and youthful exterior of Asian women.
As a result of the anti-wrinkle cosmetics popularity, already among the 20-year-olds as well.

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The reason for this is less common in Western culture even "anti-aging" philosophy, which is much more directed to prevent the effects of aging, rather than caused by the passage of time, our bodies and our skin lesions seen in the restoration. The Asian women more than ten kinds of cosmetics are applied daily.
For example, during the morning and evening beauty care use up to 3-4 Eye Treatment types as well.Particular emphasis is placed on the skin to clean


Sun-bathing? STOP! 


If Your beauty is concerned, women are prized in Asia for cosmetic and aesthetic treatments with the latest technological innovations as well as their culture has been used for centuries ingredients and traditional treatments, such as green tea massage.

The Asian women are obsessed with protecting themselves aging effects of the sun, so it is very popular to use a high-factor sunscreens, or other forms of protection from sunlight.
such as the general use of hot summer days in the sun visor.  For them, tanned skin is not desirable to get lighter skin is ideal.
 It is therefore very widespread in various lightening creams and masks to use.

The beauty is through our stomachs on the road ...


The Asian women know that our diet has a significant impact on beauty.
Not only has a slim shape retention of the word, but also a recognition that the most expensive cosmetic products are not able to have an impact if they do not receive adequate support from the inside.

Thus, Asian cuisine is not only tasty and healthy, but also has a positive impact on beauty.
There are plenty of fruits and vegetables contain (which are excellent sources including vitamins C and E), which are powerful antioxidants fight against free radicals responsible for aging.

The Asian women's diet is also rich in fish with high nutritional value that is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3).
These fatty acids are not only contributing to the so-called modern day diseases prevention and alleviation of symptoms, but the process will help to regenerate the skin, relieve irritation and swelled, delaying the aging process.
Seafood Omega-3-one also contains plenty of vitamins (especially B vitamins) and minerals (selenium, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, fluoride).
 These are not only the proper functioning of the organization are important (eg. Calcium for bone strengthening), but also improve the skin condition, increasing its elasticity.

The Asian women's diet is another important component of soy, which is a fish and fruits of the sea, like a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins, but also contains isoflavones - natural phyto-estrogen.
 Once placed in the body, the operation behaves like estrogen, supports the female hormone imbalance and thus affects the collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in the deeper skin layers.
In addition, a powerful antioxidant.

The "beauty diet" part of the fruit of the jujuba (Chinese date) is also popular in China, as well as lotus seed, root or ginseng, Japan and algae.

The Asian women healthy dietary food supplements enriched. Their application is widely spread in Asia.


The beauty of the natural supporters


The beauty of Asian women play a crucial role in the tradition and nature.

The Chinese culture strong emphasis on balance and should stress, the accumulated tension that negatively affects the health and beauty concepts alien to them.
The facial massage plays a large part in the beauty of Asian women.
 The skin with tapping, pecking relaxes the muscles and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
The benefits of soy in Asian women not only by the experience of eating but also through the use of soy-containing cosmetics.

 Soybean is of particular efficacy for anti-aging cosmetics. Its active ingredients to improve skin tone and hydration. One from Asia to other cosmetic favorite green tea.
 For centuries, health and youth to regard it as a source. Remarkable properties - which are also used in the cosmetic industry - due to the polyphenols.
These components have antioxidant properties (release of free radicals), more effective than vitamin C and E as well.

For this reason, the use of cosmetics containing antioxidants connective tissue under the skin and blood vessels become stronger, so that the skin is better protected against UV rays.
This is because the green tea extract is often used for anti-aging formulations developed.
It provides effective support for young skin, as it regulates excess sebum is responsible for oily skin formation.

Green tea also is used in anti-cellulite cosmetics, shampoos, hair conditioner as well as in due scent of lotions and perfumes as well.

The Chinese women used a home hair practices; two cups of green tea and twelve drops of rosemary oil, made from hair rinse.

Jasmine Pearl, camellia and nightingale


Asia between the natural makeup of jasmine enjoys special popularity.
The jasmine softens the skin, at the same time strengthens protective cloak to relieve irritation and replenish the lipid deficit.

 It is essential that not only the upper layer but also moisturize the skin deep layers. The beads used in powder-based cosmetics are very popular among Chinese women.

 The pearl powder in traditional Chinese medicine as a dietary supplement applied. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, above all, healing and soothing properties.

The cosmetics containing pearl powder will help in the fight against wrinkles, according to Chinese women, improve skin tone, lightens the skin and warn against the harmful effects of the sun.
The Japanese women are a camellia oil cosmetics prefer. So-called "Tsubaki" (the extra virgin camellia seed oil) rub the hair, the nail bed, the face, neck, décolletage and body.
It helps fight against stretch marks and lesions of the skin color, and highly nourishing the skin.
However, the real breakthrough products in the Japanese beauty of the nightingale droppings made of mask that intensively hydrates, smoothes the skin, lightens the skin tone, reduce wrinkles and improve skin image.


For the beautiful body ...


The Asian body care, beauty care and massages is mostly under physical Activity too.
In traditional Chinese medicine, according to various Asian massage restores harmony and energizing. They aim to improve mental and physical performance.
One of the most popular massage shiatsu massage, which literally means "massage with the fingers" means -t, adapted to the individual needs of the body.

The shiatsumassage performed invested in a carpet floor, without the use of all kinds of oil, loose clothing.
The massage during treatment repeated thumb pressure on all parts of the body, thereby adjusting the flow Life energy flow CSI patients.

This massage is designed to improve the well-being, but also contributes to a good appearance, as it stimulates the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system.

The exercise is conducted in public spaces specifically Asian characteristics, especially popular in China.
The Chinese people outdoors, in parks collectively perform a variety of exercises - tai chi, kung fu, yoga, which is able to carry out the older generation as well.

Versions of this exercise, according to the Chinese, affect the mind and body balance, improve the whole body physiology, health, fitness, and thereby provide beauty.


Tiens Beauty Products


It defies time and age - the latest skin care program The modern and revolutionary care range and the skin balancing

Chaostic traditional Chinese raw materials of Bio formula developed advanced Tiens bio technology help.


The composition of the refined product family is the natural Chinese herbal extracts

It contains: blackberries, white mulberry root, grass pasterns, pungent and fragrant motherwort stonecrop rosy.

 These components were chosen carefully to complement and complete balance to make traditional Chinese theory of the five love cosmetics: 


  • HZ19 Aprotie Circe Lift up face  night cream (30 g)  90 PV
  •  HZ25 Aprotie Circe  Smooth up intenziv serum (20 ml)  80 PV 
  • HZ25 Aprotie Organics Cleansing Foam(150 ml) 31PV 
  • HZ27 Aprotie Organics Moisture milk (30 ml) 41 PV
  • HZ28 Aprotie Cleansing oil (180 ml) 31 PV
  • HZ29 Aprotie Organics  Serum in toner (150 ml)  41 PV 
  • DM01 TS Hidration mask /Moisturizing Mask 5 db 
  • DM02TS Hidration mask /Revitalizing Mask 5 db
  • HZ30 Aprotie Organics Hand cream 

Use the emperors recipe with TIENS


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