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Aprotie Organics Serum In Toner

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Tiens Aprotie Organics Toning Serum 

Serum toner has a rich texture that hydrates the skin deeply. Organic orange water and organic vegetable extracts, which use an ancient Japanese formula, contribute to young looking and firmer skin. Rice bran extract inhibits pigmentation in the skin. “Water eggplant” boosts collagen production.


The product is enought for 4  month,if you use every day !! Cost-effective



The Aprotie Organics products are manufactured from 100% natural ingredients are used.

Thus, the products are gentle on the skin and the environment. Each product was awarded the ECOCERT certification.

One of the basic material of the bio Aprotie Organics product line orange water, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, ingredients, excellent for skin care.

It helps maintain skin hydration and active ingredients from reaching the deeper layers of skin.

Thanks to a strong reductive properties of effectiveness against the harmful effects of free radicals, thereby enhancing the elasticity of the skin as well.

The toning serum rich in texture deeply moisturizes the skin. The organic orange water and organic vegetable extracts (ancient Japanese formula), firm and youthful charm the skin.

The rice bran extract inhibits the pigmentation of the skin. The "water eggplant" and increases collagen production.



Apply by patting toner on face and neck.

Enought for 3-4 month 



  • 100% natural plant ingredients
  • Inhibits pigmentation in the skin
  • Boosts collagen production


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