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TIENS History:  A Global Brand From the Orient



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Tiens Group has always subscribed to the philosophy of ‘serve society by restoring health to mankind’ and actively shoulders its corporate social responsibilities. So far, the Tiens Group has donated more than 1.5 billion yuan to charity and public welfare projects.

In 1995, Mr. Li Jinyuan founded the Tianjin Tianshi Group Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China. In the same year, the company launched into the international market, since when it has become a global enterprise with interests in many sectors including biotechnology, health management, tourism, education, financial investment and property.
With operations extending to over 190 countries, the Tiens Group has set up divisions in 110 countries and established strategic partnerships with top enterprises.The Tiens Group now has an extensive, innovative and diverse product portfolio including health food, wellness equipment, beauty, skincare and household products. Driven by the vision of ‘Great Health For All’, a key part of the Tiens Group’s development strategy has been to expand the TIENS International Industrial Park and International University to a 4.22 km site at an investment of over RMB 17 billion (2 billion euro).

The TIENS International Health Park sits in a prime location between Beijing and Tianjin and houses product research & development (R&D), quality control and product testing, production, medical health studies, hotel and conference facilities, and much more.

Today, the Tiens Group is a confident, energetic organisation pursuing its ‘Great Health For All’ strategy, and working towards a Global Fortune 500 position. Tiens Group seeks to achieve its vision by expanding its business network, improving its service offering and refining its operations.


Product catalogy 


These can be found together in the park in product research and development center, production center, a conference center,

a marketing center, education and training center, as well as to maintain health center; welcome Tiens consultants and customers a like

Mission Statement

We aim to a high-quality products, education and purpose to our clients, which we can improve their  lives quality, and we can contribute to a harmonious  international building society.

  • Tiens values
  • Exceptional development
  • Excellent team work
  • Social responsibility

Tiens Company History 5,000-year-old health preserving tradition


Tiens company's founder and chairman Mr. LI JIN YUAN. Medical scion of the family, the family doctors were going back 800 years

Mr. LI JIN YUAN  The United Nations Committee of Experts design center  EXPERT , Honorary member of the Traditional Chinese Medical Association.Even use the product the NASA.

In 1992 he founded the company's own and other investors' money. Which is researched and organized the production of high calcium-containing products.

Tiens company whose symbol is a lion globe embracing two extended wings. It represents the company's tremendous momentum, the wings of the health and wealth.


The lion-iron statue of the President's hometown CHANGZHOUBAN  is "celestial lion"

The modern European techniques and experience of the 5000-year-old Tibetan collects and preserves the unique combination of Chinese medical science has enabled the company Tiens devise and create an inimitable products

That strengthen the immune system, slow the aging process, reduce the amount of harmful lipids in the body, improve the functioning of intestines and other functions.

Three letters of the company logo depicts the earth, The letter and the naturalness of the products symbolize health.

The three white symbolizes arc three people representing the unity of the family and members of Tiens

Tiens created an international health and industrial park covering an area of 1 square kilometer
Here you will find the head office, logistics center has a 7,000-seat international conference center with 3,000-seat banquet hall and some hotels worldwide unique Health Centre
Research centers, medical research centers. Clinical investigations are underway medicine, diagnostics, prevention, treatment, etc. professionals who come from all over the world


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