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Latest short film on water polo team Ferencvaros goalkeeper, Andrew Gardonyi made!


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The human biological clock goes round once in 24 hours.

12 area of operation followed by another 2 per hour, it gives  24-hour a full cycle.

Coordinated by the servo stern lifestyle, it can be easier and harmonious healthy long life


The life hour : 


    Heart                                 11-13 hour 

  Small intestine                   13-15 hour

  Bladder                              15-17 hour

  Renal                                 17-19 hour

 Lord of the blood vessels    19-21 hour

 Three burners                     21-23 hour

  Gall-bladder                        23-1  hour

  Liver                                      1-3 hour

  lungs                                      3-5 hour

  Colon                                     5-7 hour

  Stomach                                 7-9 hour

  Spleen                                  9-11 hour


6-14 hour period protein: low-starchy vegetables

14-20 hours carb time: vegetables and fruits form


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