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Chi machine

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Chi machine   This unit is one health maintenance machines popular as relaxing in physical activity is performed. Feet into attached, relaxed physical load during the rocking We are providing a necessary movement. With the body We serve a balanced operation. Because of the accelerated metabolism, relaxes the muscles, the body is restored energy levels. For an excellent, who do not have the time or the opportunity to exercise as a daily 15-minute Chi Machine use, we can do much to conserve energy balance. Several positions can be used: 1. posture: hands stretched out parallel to the foot, the toes legs tightened. This is called "goldfish posture" unto the voltage and the derivation of the position to promote relaxation. 2. posture: the hands are put under the head, so that the body upper and lower half should be increased. 3. posture: hands stretched aloft, are in addition to the head, body maximally stretched taut, as if to stretch upward. This "Stretched spinal posture" called unto. Daily use of the Chi Machine favorably both internally and externally affect the balanced functioning of the body. Free ensuring the flow of Chi's (chi-life energy).



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